Playing Pakistan always a great challenge, says KL Rahul

Ahead of a highly anticipated clash against arch-rivals Pakistan, KL Rahul in a press conference on Friday said that it’s a great challenge for the players to take on Pakistan and they always look forward to this match.

“We are all very excited as players. We always look forward to this India versus Pakistan clash. We don’t play each other anywhere else but these big tournaments. It will be a good challenge for us to compete against a big team like Pakistan. As we all know there is a huge history and rivalry between India and Pakistan as these games are always been high intensity. It’s a great opportunity for us to challenge ourselves,” said Rahul.

India last played Pakistan at the 2021 T20 World Cup and lost to them by 10 wickets. Talking about that defeat, Rahul said, “Yes obviously losing any game and in the World Cup hurts. It was the first game of the World Cup and we were all very excited. Every big team enters the tournament wanting to win and unfortunately that did not happen for us. We were outplayed by a very strong Pakistan team. We get an opportunity to play against them again and it’s a contest we are looking forward to. The match starts from zero … There might be a history of how many times the teams played against each other and won but it does not matter as the game only starts from zero.”

Talking about Virat Kohli’s form, the Indian vice-captain said, “We don’t really give much importance to comments. It doesn’t really affect a player, especially a world-class player like Virat will not be affected by what people are saying on the outside. He has had a little break and he is working on his game.”

“When I was injured, I was watching him on TV. It didn’t feel like he looked out of form. I’m sure he’s hungry to win matches for the country. That’s what he has done throughout his career, ” Rahul added.

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