“I was told you need to scream at players and be strict”: Bangladesh Test-ODI coach Domingo hits back at BCB

After the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) stripped Russell Domingo of his role as the head coach of the T20 side, the 47-year-old took a jibe at the BCB for creating too much outside noise which in turn prevents the growth of players.

Just days before the Asia Cup, Domingo was directed to focus on Test and one-day international cricket, and the reigns were handed over to technical director S Sriram, a former India player who was assistant coach of Australia and is currently the spin coach of RCB in IPL.

BCB administrators reportedly dubbed his methods unsuitable for the team and also said that he lacked aggression.

Under the tutelage of Domingo, who was appointed Bangladesh’s head coach in August 2019, Bangladesh has struggled in the T20s. It has won just two of its last 15 T20s and suffered its maiden series loss to Zimbabwe earlier this month.

However, hitting back at the board Domingo said,” “Everyone has his own opinion and it was disappointing that they were telling it to others but did not tell me anything. I haven’t read it but people came and told me. But I am happy with what I have done with the T20 team and I am not worried about anything.”

“I won’t say that I was shocked (after being snubbed) but as a coach, you have to be ready for everything and if the team is losing you cannot guarantee your future. I know there are a lot of questions about the team and considering that it (my removal from T20s) wasn’t totally unexpected,” Domingo was quoted saying to a leading Bangladeshi Daily, Prothom Alo, on Wednesday.

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“I felt we were playing good T20 cricket. After that in 2021, World Cup boys could not handle outside pressure,” he added.

“In the last eight to 10 years, cricketers did not get this kind of coaching and they cannot think anything on their own because the board scolds them and the director of coaching (Khaled Mahmud) scolds them and they were told in every step what they need to do and this is the biggest challenge of Bangladesh cricket because cricketers cannot think anything on their own,” he further added.

“I did not want to give them total freedom but I don’t think you can have big benefit by screaming because when you are making a mistake if you criticize them harshly you cannot get the best out of them and I didn’t want to do that (criticize) because cricketers need time to learn from their mistakes and take their own decisions. But they cannot do that because they are always been scolded and given suggestions.

“You can ask the cricketers I wanted to have a calm atmosphere in the dressing room and wanted to develop cricketers with clarity but so many people are making noise from close quarters that it was not possible. All the time I was told that you need to scream at them and you have to be strict and that is the way to deal with the cricketer and I am sure earlier coaches were like that but they hardly did anything in T20 because Bangladesh won only one game in T20s and I went with them in one World Cup. A lot of coaches went with them earlier but nothing happened so wanted to walk in a different way,” he said.

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