‘What do you want me to do?’ Ronaldo tells Roy Keane on being benched by Eric ten Hag against Liverpool

In a brief pre-game exchange with former Manchester United captain Roy Keane, Cristiano Ronaldo would talk about being left out for the game against Liverpool.

Ronaldo came over to the commentary huddle on the outfield – Roy Keane, former Liverpool star Jamie Callagher, and former Manchester United right-back Gary Neville to say his greetings. When Keane asked him, “Benched?”

Ronaldo would say, What do you want me to do?”Keane’s reply ‘Be in the team” and Ronaldo muttered out “I know!” as he walked away.

The interaction also saw Ronaldo seemingly snubbing Callagher, who played for Liverpool for 17 years and who has been vocally critical of him. He didn’t shake hands, first preferring to hug and speak to Neville and even as Callagher turned towards him, Ronaldo. went around to chat with Keane.

Ex United player Rio Ferdinand joked on twitter “Cristiano absolutely blanking Carragher there.

“Had you doing a 360 like the old days.”

As Ronaldo walked away, the host David Jones would chirp: “Nice conversation with you Jamie!” And Callagher would laugh, “he totally blanked me!”  And the Jonas’ repartee had everyone, including Callagher in splits, “Just like most people do!”

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