Whaaaaat? How much does French fries cost? A sausage and pale French fries cost 1000 bucks at CWG

A fan’s dinner of a sausage and frozen French fries at the Commonwealth Games has triggered an online mock-fest. Matthew Williams posted a photo of a sausage and some fries at the CWG swimming venue with its cost; it has sparked mock-outrage around the world.

It costs nearly 10 pounds, approximately 1000 rupees. And as it happens, the fries have found an online life. Australian and US online media picked it up, the fans are commenting on it and even Williams’s statements about it’s yummy taste hasn’t dulled the incredulousness.

It’s triple the price available outside the venues and when Williams tweeted out, “It’s a lot I grant you, but the chips were tasty and the sausage was apparently an award winner! “, more chirpy remarks poured in. “What awards did it win? Most expensive sausage?” Said one.

“Hello, I’d like to report a robbery,” another joked. “Looks like an apple cut up…which would probably taste better than these frozen looking fries,” one woman said “Disgraceful. They could have at least cooked the chips and the other side of the sausage and not ripped you off,” another person jested.

And on and on it went.

For some strange reason, British insist on calling the fries as chips. And they call what we know as chips as ‘crisps’.

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