Watch: Old video of Saraswathi Rao, former India TT player, smashing old age stereotypes resurfaces

A 2017 video of former India Table Tennis player, 69-year old Saraswathi Rao toying with young players has resurfaced on social media. Rao, who was known as India’s second best player during her playing days can be seen boasting electric hand eye coordination, delivering rocket smashes.

The video that was posted five years back is from a veteran tournament where Rao can be seen bamboozling her younger opponents, and just like 2017, it has garnered much interest on the social media with users getting inspired by Rao smashing stereotypes associated with old age.

Even in the video, one can hear and see the people watching the 69-year old display her game in much awe, with their reactions to her serves and returns. The many different skills of the game from reflexes, technique, placement and coordination all seem to be of the highest order when you watch Rao play so many years after she represented India at the peak of her game.

The age old stereotypical phrase, ‘a young man’s game’ seems to be in tatters when you watch Rao play, who is an inspirational figure for not just women but also every sports enthusiast who enjoys to break the boundaries or watch them being broken.

Rao was also a Karnataka state champion in her days and had even got the better of World no. 4 from Japan in her prime.

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