Why did the umpire Aleem Dar deny New Zealand seamer his wicket because of a bizarre incident involving a sweat-towel?

In a bizarre incident, New Zealand seamer Blair Tickner was denied a wicket because his sweat-towel fell out at the point of delivery in an ODI game on Wednesday. Ireland’s batsman Simi Singh edged it behind without any signs of being distracted by the handkerchief’s descent but the umpire Aleem Dar went by the rule book.

Cricket’s law states that “either umpire shall call and signal dead ball when… the striker is distracted by any noise or movement or in any other way while preparing to receive or receiving a delivery. This shall apply whether the source of the distraction is within the match or outside it.”

An unhappy Tickner and the captain Tom Latham engaged in a chat with the umpire Dar and Tickner could be heard on the stump microphone, saying: “I know the rule, but if the same thing happens and I get hit for six, that’s not gonna be called a dead ball to take away the runs.”

Ticker had the sweat-towel tucked in his back but it popped out just after he released the ball. Simi Singh, who incidentally was born in Mohali in Punjab before shifting to Ireland, was on 11 then but would be run out five runs and 14 balls later.

Tickner runs a cafe

Tickner owns a cafe named ‘13th Stag’ (13 is his lucky number as his birthday falls on the same date) at the Hawke’s Bay regional sports park.  He loves his long blacks, coffee with double espresso shots and no milk. He sure would have needed one after being unlucky with that wicket.

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