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BIRMINGHAM: Very few can swing the ball better than Bhuvneshwar Kumar in contemporary cricket.
But after tormenting the English for the second time in three days with the white kookaburra, the Indian seamer’s demeanour was self-effacing as he wondered if he was making the ball talk or it was to do with the conditions, or if it was the ball itself that was doing things on its own.
“Honestly I don’t know that (why the ball is swinging),” Bhuvneshwar said after bowling India to an unassailable 2-0 lead in the T20I series against England.

“Because I’ve been here quite a few times and it didn’t swing in the last few series I’ve played here. So yes, even I was very surprised that the white ball is swinging and swinging for a long period of time, especially in the T20 format. And that there’s more bounce in the wicket as well. So yes, when the ball swings, you enjoy more.
“But honestly, I don’t know if I’m swinging it, (if it is) some conditions or it’s the ball, but yes, I’m glad it’s swinging,” he added.
The seasoned India bowler’s mantra is simple: If it is swinging, he attacks and goes for wickets. Employing the strategy has brought him four wickets for 25 runs over two matches.
He couldn’t be happier, but doesn’t want to “get ahead of yourself”.
“If the ball swings, which is my strength, I look to attack,” Bhuvneshwar said.

“Batters attack on flat wickets, they play their shots there, but it swung in these two matches, and I have been on the attack. But it is important to not get ahead of yourself.
“You feel like bowling one in-swinger, one out-swinger, one in-swinger, but it is important to control that urge. Bowl consistently and set the batters up,” he said at the post-match press conference on Saturday night.
The bowler has now removed Jos Buttler, one of T20 cricket’s most destructive batters, in both the games and that had a lot to do with getting movement first up.
The present day is a far cry from the not-too-distant past when he was dealing with injuries, forcing some to wonder if it was the end of the road for the seamer.

“After an injury, you know you have to do well when you come back,” Bhuvneshwar said.
“There’s no other option. I always felt there will be at least one chance to come back. I knew I would give it 100% then but there is no guarantee the results will be good.
“Because when you get injured, you get frustrated. There is some disappointment. It is not strictly doubts but you are not in a good frame of mind.
“Luckily I got a chance and did well. Of course the way the captain and the coach have backed me, it is good… if they backed me and I am doing well, they also must be feeling good that the player they backed is doing well.”

After his exploits in the last few days, he will be on the plane to Australia for the upcoming T20 World Cup, and a Test comeback too looks realistic.
Asked if he is looking forward to playing Test cricket again, the modest Bhuvneshwar said, “Honestly I am not thinking about anything at the moment. Of course, I would not say a ‘no’ when I get opportunities in Tests. Whatever opportunities I get I try to do well.”

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