sagittarius: Which Gods & Goddess/Zodiac Sign ruler should Sagittarius worship? – Times of India

All the zodiac signs have their ruling planets and Lords associated with them. Although you are always blessed by all the deities, Certain Gods and goddesses can help you with specific issues of Life as you are always able to attract greater energies by praying to them. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and hence, shares a direct connection with the blessings of Lord Vishnu and Lord Hanuman.
Sagittarians are the thriver of wealth and accomplishments and hence, they must always pray to Lord Hanuman and keep fasts on either Tuesdays or Saturdays.
Sagittarians are weak at controlling their mind and hence, they are advised to do Hanuman Chalisa every day as it can be helpful in protecting themselves from evil energies and wavering minds. Sri Dakshina Murthy, Hayagreeva, Vishnu, Parameswara, and Dattatreya are the ruling Gods to be honored. Sagittarius has Jupiter as its governing planet. Shri Dakhsinamurthy is Jupiter’s governing god. Lord Shiva’s avatar, Dakshinamurthy, is the Teacher of Intellect. If you were born under this zodiac sign, you must worship Shri Dakhsinamurthy in order to get positive results.
Fasting on Tuesday or Saturday or Sunday will reap more benefits in your life dear Sagittarians.

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