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Sagittarius is the ninth zodiac of all the astrological signs which is also known as ‘Dhanu Raashi’.
Sagittarius is governed by ‘Guru’ or Jupiter who is the God of wealth and success. When it comes to pleasing Jupiter or enhancing its positive effect, the most advisable mantra would be ‘Om Dattatrey Parmeshwaray Namaah’.
You must chant this mantra 108 times at least once a week. Another Lord closely associated with Sagittarius is Lord Vishnu, hence you must chant ‘Om Namoh Narayanaya’ to seek his blessings in the strongest form. Sagittarians should keep fast on every Ekadashi and also chant ‘Om Vishuvey Namaah’ 11 times after lighting the Diya.
Chanting these mantras has two advantages: it enhances productivity in the workplace and it helps you appear as an engaging persona. By reciting this mantra, you will be rewarded with good fortune and earn financial rewards.
Sagittarius also has trouble with children and relationships, and Ketu has a negative impact in this area. They must sing “Om Ketu Ketavay Namaah ” to avoid the bad consequences of the Ketu.
Therefore, chanting the above mantras will make your devotion stronger and will help you get surrounded with an amazing Aura.

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