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Education: Ganesha says Dear Pisces, this year you will get a mixed result on your educational or academic fronts. The first half of the year will keep you busy with assignments and project works while the second half of the year will get you more practical experience and opportunities to work in the field concerning your subjects. If you are studying in the field of medical, paramedical, or doing a doctorate in anything, the third trimester of this year would bring you unanticipated treasures.
Career: Ganesha says Your career front looks pretty good this year. As suggested by the 8th House of your Zodiac, you are more likely to get promoted or find a new job within the first six months of this year. If you are looking forward to changing the field of your work, you must try your hand in the creative jobs as you are more likely to get success there.
Business: Ganesha says Last year was a bit messier for you in terms of business but this new year has brought ample opportunities and chances to overcome your losses. This year, you will surely recover from the losses caused by the pandemic earlier. In the latter half of the year, you will find the right partner to carry out your business with.
Love: Ganesha says Last year did not serve you well in the matter of love and romance, but this year Venus will travel in the 7th House of your Zodiac in the first half of the year which will bring you closer to the person of your dreams. This year, you will find the right kind of partner who will help you heal emotionally. The most compatible Zodiac for you this year would be Capricorn and Libra.
Marriage: Ganesha says This year, you will receive an abundance of blessings and positive energy from Venus and this will affect your marriage very positively. If you and your life partner have been staying in distant places for a long time, you will surely get closure in the first half of the year itself. Your partner and you will enjoy the new turns taken by your marital life this year.
Children: Ganesha says The first four months of this year will be very fruitful and advantageous for your children. This year, they will come quite closer to spirituality which will enhance their faith in God and supernatural energies. As July passes, they will feel very anxious due to the increase in competition in their educational fields. Overall, it is going to be a good year for your children and you dear Pisces.

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