India vs South Africa: Virat Kohli must pick better balls to play that shot, says Vikram Rathour | Cricket News – Times of India

With so much scrutiny on the manner of Virat Kohli’s dismissals, India’s batting coach Vikram Rathour too weighed in on the issue on Wednesday.
On Kohli’s tendency to chase at wide ones and gift his wicket away, Rathour said, “This is the shot that brings him lots of runs. This is his scoring shot. So he needs to play that shot. It’s always your strength that can turn out to be your weakness. If you don’t play a certain shot, you will never get out playing that shot, but you will never score runs off that shot as well.


“When to play the shot, that’s the part there are constant discussions on. Was it the right ball? Was it the right stage to play that shot? If we can just tighten up our gameplans a little more (on that issue) that will be better. That’s the shot he plays well and that’s the shot he scores loads of runs (off) so he has to carry on playing that shot. But he needs to pick maybe better balls,” Rathour said.


On whether the team management was losing patience with struggling veterans Cheteshwar Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane, Rathour’s answer was an emphatic ‘no’. “They are trying their best. They are giving their best. Rahane looked in really, really good touch and unfortunately he just got out. Pujara in the past has played some important innings. These are challenging conditions. Not many people have scored runs here. We need to be patient. As long as they are trying their best, as a coaching unit we are pretty fine. Are we getting impatient? Not at this stage.”

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