We want to create strong bond and Rahul ‘bhai’ will help us in doing that: Rohit

India’s new white ball captain Rohit Sharma wants a “strong bond” among players and expects head coach Rahul Dravid to act as an enabler in establishing that in the team’s pursuit of excellence.

Rohit, who recently replaced Virat Kohli as India’s ODI captain, wants his team shut itself from outside noise as what would matter in long run is what the players think of each other.

“We want to create a strong bond between players and that will help us in achieving the goal we want and yeah, Rahul bhai obviously, is going to help us in doing that. So we look forward to that,” Rohit told bcci.tv in an interview.

“When you play for India, there will be pressure. Lot of people will talk a lot of things, positive, negative, for me personally, as a cricketer, it’s important for me to focus on my job and not what others are talking about. You can’t control that,” he said.

‘Control the controllable’ has been the mantra of India captains over the years and Rohit is no exception.

“I have kept on saying this and I will say this a million times, the message is to team as well, team understands that when we play a high profile tourney, there will be lot of talks but what is important for us is to focus what we have in hand.

“That is to win games and play the way you are known to play. I think those talk that happen outside are immaterial, what is important is what we think of each other, what I think of y or z, that is a important,” he added.

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