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BATHINDA: While the women on Monday managed the proceedings at the Farmer Parliament parallel to ongoing Monsoon Session of Parliament, raising demands for more representation to women in every walk of life, the United Nations Food Systems three days Pre Summit started on Monday too debated on role of women farmers, food growers.
It was stated by Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) that based on the latest internationally comparable data, women comprise an average of 43 percent of the agricultural labour force of developing countries. The females share in the agricultural labour force ranges from about 20 percent in Latin America to often over 50 percent in Eastern and South Eastern Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.
As per United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) by late 2021, for every 100 men aged 25 to 34 living in extreme poverty, there will be 118 women, a gap that is expected to increase to 121 women per 100 men by 2030.
In a query by TOI, the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for the Food Systems Summit, Agnes Kalibata in a statement to TOI said: “Rural women worldwide are the gatekeepers of food security, assuming so much of the burden of family nutrition and playing an invaluable, invisible role in agriculture. This is why gender equality, or Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 5, is so important to food systems: there is no food security without gender equality.
“The Food Systems Summit recognises that women’s empowerment is one of four levers of change, which has the power to make or break food systems. The Summit has appointed a global expert, Jemimah Njuki of the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), to ensure the Summit addresses food systems in a way that acknowledges and responds to different gender needs, preferences and challenges.
“The first step towards empowering women in food systems is to ensure they have a seat at the table. Women are represented at every level of the Summit’s support structure because we need the voices, insights and creativity of everyone to truly transform food systems for all”, she stated.

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