Maharashtra BJP president reaches out to Pankaja Munde

In order to iron out creases, state BJP president Chandrakant Patil Wednesday met national secretary Pankaja Munde at the latter’s Worli office in Mumbai. Munde has been upset after her younger sister Pritam Munde Khade was denied a ministerial berth in the Union cabinet.

BJP leaders said the meeting was an exercise to reach out to a sulking Munde. Insiders termed the meeting “a courtesy call aimed at reassuring her that BJP is in no way undermining her role in the organisation.”

Patil said, “In any organisation you have leaders meeting each other. So why should my meeting with Munde come as a surprise? It was a normal meeting where two leaders from BJP met. Nothing unusual.”

Although Patil tried to dismiss it as routine process, party sources said, “At the state BJP OBC meeting, Munde was not present.”

Earlier last week, Munde, while addressing her supporters, had said, “My leaders are PM Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah.” The remark was perceived as an attack against state leader Devendra Fadnavis and Patil.

A close aid of Munde said, “Patil had said it was not easy to please every aspirant. Justice to one becomes injustice to another. This remark also upset Munde.”

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