Vatsal Sheth-Ishita Dutta Love and Desire Interview: Actress says, “Most Desirable Man mera hai”- Exclusive! – Times of India

Vatsal Sheth was recently declared by Ahmedabad Times- The Most Desirable Man. ETimes caught up with the adorable couple talking about love, desire, faith and companionship.

Ishita was jubilant that Vatsal had got the title in question and said ‘Yeh mera hai, mera hai.” Vatsal and Ishita went on to dwell on the aspects in their marriage which keep them together. See the video below:

The couple focussed on the point that they have not tried to change each other and enjoy each other’s virtues rather than crib about the flaws.

Vatsal and Ishita also spoke about whether they would do intimate scenes without taking each other’s approval. Ishita loves Vatsal’s eyes and they both look madly in love with each other, touchĂ©.

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