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Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, a mysterious brain illness has ignited a state of fear and chaos among the residents of New Brunswick situated on Canada’s Atlantic coast. While the whereabouts of the disease are still unknown, it has baffled many of Canada’s medical experts and top neurologists.

Why is the mysterious illness concerning?

According to official reports, in the past six years, many have fallen ill from the disease, while about 6 people have succumbed to it.

Yvon Godin, the mayor of Bertrand, the village in the Acadian Peninsula in northeastern New Brunswick, where people have been impacted, has said, “People are alarmed. They are asking, ‘Is it environmental? Is it genetic? Is it fish or deer meat? Is it something else?’ Everyone wants answers.”

However, doctors and medical professionals are yet to find a plausible answer to the mysterious illness.

Associated symptoms

Given that the disease affects the brain, it has brought along symptoms that are quite concerning. People have not only reported insomnia and impaired memory functions but also visual hallucinations where they claim they often see the dead.

Possible causes

As of now, the origin of the disease has not yet been determined. However, health experts claim that the radiation from the cellphone towers is what is spreading the disease. Some have even said that COVID-19 vaccines could be a potential cause.

48 cases, 6 deaths reported

Due to the growing concerns over the SARs-COV-2 virus, the mystery illness failed to grab any attention initially. But with the detection of 48 cases and 6 deaths, the government authorities are extremely concerned.

Health Minister Dorothy Shephard, in a press conference, said, “The discovery of a potentially new and unknown syndrome is scary. I know that New Brunswickers are concerned and confused about this potential neurological syndrome.”

An expert committee has been formed to look into this newly detected neurological syndrome. They will carry out a complete clinical review of every patient suffering from the brain illness.

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