Rakhi Sawant confesses she has no talent to be a lead actor in Bollywood, says she has no regret being an item girl – Times of India

Rakhi Sawant recently opened up about her career in Bollywood and revealed that she has no regrets about being tagged the ‘item girl’ because it is what helps her to feed her family. Moreover, she also admitted that she did not have the talent to lead a film.

During an interview, Rakhi said that not everyone can bag the role of the lead actor in Bollywood. While some ace the role of a leading lady, others become item girls, mothers or sisters or even try out anti-hero characters.

She further added that when she doesn’t have the talent to be a lead actress in a film, she opted for being an item girl and it allowed her to provide for her family. She concluded that she has no regrets about her decision and career simply because she is proud that Bollywood has provided her with a platform.

Rakhi Sawant made her film debut in ‘Agnichakra’ and appeared in several hit dance numbers, including ‘Mohabbat Hai Mirchi’, ‘Dekhta Hai Tu Kya’ and more. She was also seen in brief roles for films like ‘Masti’, ‘Mai Hoon Nai’ and more. She has also been a part of multiple reality shows.

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