Halle Berry’s Oscars bob was fake? Seems like it

Oscars 2021 might have been an intimate affair but that, in no way, devalued the way people engaged with it. Like every year, some images became canonised in the echelons of social media. One of them was actor Halle Berry’s hotly-debated hairdo. The actor made an appearance wearing a Dolce & Gabbana gown but her asymmetrical bob had everyone’s attention, prompting jokes and memes on social media.

A week since has passed, and turns out it was all an elaborate joke by the Die Another Day actor. After taking all the jokes on her hairdo on her stride, she recently took to Instagram again to share a picture of herself. And lo and behold, the bob is gone! Showcasing her long tresses, she wrote, “Oscar bob…just kidding 😂”

In case you want to see the bob yet again, here it is.

Prior to the ceremony, hair stylist Sara Seward had shared a sneak-peek into the haircut and captioned the photo with, “We came to play.” What can we say? the plot thickens.”

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