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Number 1
Ganesha says today your unique personality will create quite an impression. Your curious nature will keep you step ahead of your competitors as you will be able to determine the coming problems which they will fail to notice. About your professional fronts, you will be able to set up your high-end plans today with ease. Your bleak vision about your new business will get cleared by someone. Avoid getting into financial issues today. About your romantic fronts, you will notice some unlikely changes in your partner today. If you are worried about your relationship, you must tell your partner about it. About your health, you will get involved in heavy exercise today.
Lucky Colour – Green
Lucky Number – 08
Remedy: Chant ShanIcharaya Namah after sunset today to diminish the effect of Shani.
Number 2
Ganesha says today, your undying kindness for people will bring you good. Your professional connections also widen today. About your professional fronts, you will be seen as an all-rounder. Your proficient subjects will land you up in a very good place if you were looking for a job. Today, you must not reinvest your profits. About your romantic fronts, you will be able to recollect memories of the past with your spouse today. Today, your children will keep you busy. About your health, you will not face any health issues today. You will be alright and nothing will bother you as such.
Lucky Colour – Red
Lucky Number – 03
Remedy: Fill 5 copper vessels with sweets made of gram flour (besan), and donate them.
Number 3
Ganesha says today, it will be easier for you to make connections with new people. Impression you make on people will be very strong therefore put forth your ideas without hesitation. On professional fronts, you will be perceived as a torch bearer today. Your leadership skills will bring the best out of people working under you. About your romantic fronts, you will see yourself carried away by what your partner expects you to. Relationships are mutual growth therefore try to keep boundaries. About your health, you will face some issues if you already have cholesterol, other than that, you will be totally fine.
Lucky Colour – Orange
Lucky Number – 05
Remedy: Chant Om kem ketave namah to diminish the negative effect of Ketu.
Number 4
Ganesha says Today you will see how your growth is stagnant at one place and along with that, you will also find a good advisor to address your issues. About your professional fronts, if you are into manufacturing and civil engineering, you will set a good example today. Financial crisis will be resolved today for people in business. About your health, you will be able to set up a good healthy routine to meditate and exercise. You will do everything to benefit your body.
Lucky Colour – Navy blue
Lucky Number – 10
Remedy: Chant Om Brim Brihaspataye Namah to seek blessings from Jupiter.
Number 5
Ganesha says today you will take a step towards slow progress. Your involvement when people need help will bring forth relationships to rescue you from problems today. About your professional fronts, if you are into the political field or the field of counsellor, you are more likely to pave your way in the heart of people. Other people with this numerology will have a stable day on career fronts. About your romantic fronts, your partner and you will seek someone’s advice over your personal issues but just to warn you, this will not work well therefore avoid taking advice over your personal fronts. About your health, you will enlighten yourself with various health maintenance techniques.
Lucky Colour- blue
Lucky Number- 24
Remedy: Donate rice and besan every Thursday and give them to Purohit/Sadhu/Fakir.
Number 6
Ganesha says Today you will catch up good with the aura around. You will leave the side of your bad habits. Your presence will make a difference somewhere. About your professional fronts, you are likely to become a part of blame games if you are doing a job but don’t worry as your work will speak on your behalf. If you are into the share market, it’s a good day to invest in a financial institution. About your romantic relationship, avoiding your partner will not do you any good today, so have an open talk on whatever it is. About your health, you will criticize your body too much today, try to affirm yourself of being beautiful the way you are.
Lucky Colour- Yellow
Lucky Number- 30
Remedy: Do chant of “Om Vigneshwaraya Namah” if you’re experiencing obstacles
Number 7
Ganesha says today is going to be like a sloppy ride for you. With all the hard work you have done till now, you will feel unsatisfied with what you will revive in return but patience will be the key dear number seven. Your professional fronts will be a little bit hectic but on the other hand, momentary issues will be resolved with ease. About your health, you will feel quite at ease today about your physical health but your mental health will need some attention. On your romantic fronts, your partner will act as your biggest support today. You will vent out all your frustration in front of them.
Lucky Colour – Brown
Lucky Number – 01
Remedy: Start eating aniseed (ajwain) to improve Shani
Number 8
Ganesha says today your maturity will act as a shield against everything negative. You are blessed with the ability to tackle problems with ease and this will help today. About your professional fronts, you will add up some discipline in your professional life. Your financial fronts will seek expert attention today. If you are doing a job, you might not like how your day processes but things will end well. About your relationship fronts, your partner will make some hasty decisions but you will be able to handle it with care. About your health, you will have to go through minor headaches but you will be fine real soon.
Lucky Colour- pink
Lucky Number- 11
Remedy: Face the East and sit in pushk asana, do tilak jasmine and sindoor on Hanuman’s feet.
Number 9
Ganesha says today you will accept the long-ignored accountability for your actions. Today you will be directed in the right direction by one of your family members. About your professional fronts, you will be able to take calculated risks under guidance of someone. Your predictions about the share market will turn out to be true today so do not second doubt yourself. About your health, you will not go through any health issues but do not eat out today at all. About your romantic fronts, you are a sensitive person dear nine, today you will let your emotions take control which might not be healthy for you at all.
Lucky Colour- cream
Lucky Number- 15
Remedy: If your Sun is very weak, then arrange for a water fountain for thirsty people at your place of birth.
— By Astro Friend Chirag – Blessed Son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

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