Kishwer M Rai prepares for Unlock 1.0: We all need to learn new things and create opportunities for ourselves

Actor couple Kishwer M Rai and Suyyash Rai are high on creativity amid the lockdown, as they have been shooting their own music videos and releasing them online. Sung and edited by Rai, these songs their fans a peek into their chemistry as a couple and they’ve been quite a hit.

“Even before the lockdown, Suyyash has been making his songs from home, so it’s not new for him. But, self-shooting and editing these videos is very difficult as we aren’t so good with the camera and location. But we’re enjoying learning all this,” shares Kishwer, who is eagerly waiting for her next song, a romantic number.


By becoming a content creator, Kishwer, 39, feels that one can be self-reliant in terms of work instead of worrying about where their next project is going to come from.

“We keep getting calls from our actor and photographer friends from the industry, who are out of work, and worried about what they’re going to do when things open up, since there’ll be limited or no work at least for a while. Thus, we all need to learn new things and create opportunities for ourselves,” she says.

While Kishwer feels grateful for having a roof over the head, and food to eat, she reveals that many of her friends have gone back to their hometown, as they weren’t able to earn a living and pay rent.


“It’s always said that the entertainment industry is very glamorous, but survival here is very tough. It’s not that we all are living a lavish and happy life. The more you earn, the more you feel stressed about paying EMIs and other expenses. And when we see an actor’s social media, it looks like everything is fine but you never know what’s going on inside a person’s mind and heart,” says Kishwer, expressing sadness over the loss of TV actor Manmeet Grewal, who committed suicide due to the financial crisis.

The actor further asserts that the only way to cope with the stress during such crisis is to discuss it with friends and family.

“I just hope and pray that we don’t lose any more lives due to the financial crisis and depression. We’ve to fight this (crisis) by staying positive and explore all ways of earning, whether through self-shot projects or social media campaigns,” she concludes.

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