‘People think they won’t be infected if they take care, but in reality no one is safe from Covid-19’

In an Instagram post, television host and producer Raghu Ram shared that lost his close friend Abdul Rauf to coronavirus. Ram and his twin, Rajiv Lakshman both penned emotional goodbyes to their friend. Rauf started out as Ram’s driver and in 13 years, rose through the ranks to become the head of production at a content start-up.

Ram wrote, “…The grief I feel is indescribable, just like that of anyone who ever knew you. You came into my life in 2009 as Raju, my driver. But you surprised me with who you really were… A loving, honest, competent, hard working friend who had dreams, and the courage to go after them. You worked in production of many shows, rising to the top as head of production..”


Talking about his loss, Ram says, “He was like family to us and we are shook. He had inner strength, so for this to happen is devastating. He was 47, non smoker, healthy guy. and this is a personal blow. He has been an integral part of our company. This is too close to home. He had grit and determination and was someone people could look upto. We learnt that his father, his wife and he had tested positive but it was so tragic that he passed away three days after his dad did. His wife and three kids are now at home. If healthy people think if I take care, I won’t be infected, they are wrong. In reality, no one is safe from Covid-19. We all know the reality and yet we behave as if it is something that won’t happen to us.”


Staying at home with his wife and young child, Ram points out that there’s lockdown fatigue setting in but we have to pull through. “We haven’t reached the plateau, so it will get worse before it gets better. I have a newborn kid so we are busy through the day. When one watches the news, you get a reality check as there are so many people who are suffering,” he signs off.

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