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‘Be like Mike’.

It was the famous Gatorade commercial from the ‘90s that played on the gimmick that everyone wanted to be Michael Jordan, but no one could be.

As we learnt in the brilliant Netflix docu-series ‘The Last Dance’ however, being ‘like Mike’ is something that Jordan himself insisted no one would really want.

“It’s funny, but a lot of people told me they would like to be Michael Jordan for a day, a week, but let them try to be Michael Jordan for a year and see if they like it,” he said at the start of episode six. “I don’t think they quite understand it’s no fun.”

But what did it take to be ‘like Mike’? There was his ridiculous training schedule, his addiction to winning that he would stop at nothing to feed, his relentless pushing – or bullying, depending on which side of the fence you sit – of his teammates, his global fame, his charisma, his charm. The list goes on. Being ‘like Mike’ meant you were without rival or imperfection. You were “Black Jesus”.

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