Look at Nawaz Siddiqui, do Nawaz Siddiqui, Nawaz Siddiqui also got Karona test done, Nawaz Siddiqui did not stop doing Karona test, Siddiqui had to do test, Nawaz Siddiqui got his family members to do Karona test too, adopt Nawaz Siddiqui, You should do as Nawaz Siddhaki did, follow Nawaz Siddiqui, shun Karona away. Sector
                Professor Dr. Ram is a very well known doctor and professor of India, reads MBBS and MD MS students in Medical College and writes on a lot of blogs and journals, on this video channel, he like the general public. We will tell you about the diseases and the poison that Karona has just spread has made everyone worry about worrying and death, the whole world can be heard in the house The look out of the fourth face in India has just started, India is going to start tomorrow. One thing is most true that it has been almost 40 days for so many days, all kinds of commercial economic activities are closed and no matter how much we are down I can’t finish Karona completely
                   The matter will continue to come out, that is, we will have to learn how to live with Karona, our Prime Minister said earlier that we have to accept this thing in itself that we have to cover our face with a potch or marx for a couple of years. By controlling yourself, you have to keep 2 yards away from each other. If we go out anywhere, clean our hands repeatedly and do it even if we are in the house and in this way we do We will conquer tea, start our school mall bus, train, air travel or any other kind of relaxation, we will have to follow all these things or else we will not leave it, even if there is a good one to fix it. If you get medicine or any vaccine is manufactured, there can be no other option of caution / do and what is the relationship between sex,
                    Whether to have sex in Karona or not, what is more spread than sex? Sex mandia or red light area should be opened in karona or not, what will sex workers eat, whether or not sex workers get a taste, open daru in karona, what to open sex, what karona are not having sex by staying together at home , Abortion increased more in Karona at the time of Karona, because people have sex in their homes, open the sex market, do you mind, sex in the bar, message center and beauty Lur, hotels, motels, clubs, parks are everywhere. Will we shut them all down for fear of Karona / The funniest thing has come in the category that Yale University of America was able to do research and come here in this Karona we red light area Or women who are holding free sex
                 Chakla is in homes, like in a massage center, or in a hotel restaurant or a party, or in a beauty parlor, if it happens to be a misdeed, then it will also have to stop. If we stop, we find that almost do it. Can be avoided for 18 to 20 days because it spreads very much during sex because we come very close to each other, such infected women get this virus badly. It would have to be prevented by spreading it. In the study, they found that by stopping it, about 73% of the virus is prevented and the number of patients who are such patients reduce the death rate by 63%, ie these chakra houses or these red lights. If the area is stopped then we will get a lot of help in stopping compassion, so if any face comes, now we have to live with Karo Na and we have to agree that
                   We have to keep such activities away or else it will take a huge form. One more thing was found that since we have been closed in the houses, it has been seen that the rate of abortion has increased very much. Man and man are in the house. Therefore, even without wanting, cohabitation becomes more, which we should control, otherwise our resolve, which is 2 yards away, will not be fulfilled with this, it has been seen in our country that 6:30 lakhs of sec These are workers and they come to about 500000 people every day, so we can see how difficult it can be to open them, but we also have to keep in mind that these sex workers should be provided some other means of living, otherwise it Will die of hunger
We will have to take such disciplined measures, we should reduce the intake of alcohol at this time, eat good food, do good nityam pranayam, then we eat cigarette beedi tobacco without any medicine and make our immunity good. We will be able to keep this virus away from ourselves and this virus will not work in other people, yet we have to fight for many days.
  As long as we are not disciplined in it, we will not behave the meat and will not keep 2 yards, will not clean the hands again and again, then this virus can infect us, no matter what the public may be, but we should be We will have to take disciplined measures, we need to reduce the intake of liquor at this time, eat good food, do nityam pranayam only then we can consume it without taking any medicine. Rate bidi tobacco eat less while making good on our immune system, we can put off the virus itself and the virus will not appear in other people /

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