DIY desi-style ubtan for a glowing skin this summer

Our grandmothers had a treasure trove of gharelu nuskhe that have been revered for a long time now and one of them includes ubtan, an age-old face mask. From the time a baby is born to the sacred ritual of haldi in Indian weddings or protecting the skin during summer heat, the homemade goodness of an ubtan aka good scrub is what Indians swear by.

Dermatologist Jaishree Sharad says, “The upper layers of our skin has sheets of dead cells which are shed constantly as a natural process. However, sometimes, there may be an excess buildup of dead cells which can lead to dull skin. Sometimes our oil glands may be clogged leading to blackheads and whiteheads. Scrubs help in mechanical exfoliation of the dead cells as well as help unclog pores.”

Even though we are staying indoors during lockdown, the humidity and heat can still harm the skin. Beauty expert Blossom Kochhar says, “It is important to exfoliate your skin at least once a week. Scrub the dead skin away by applying a scrub made of all the ingredients that are easily available in your kitchen.”

She gives some DIY ubtan tips.

Ubtan for face

1. Ingredients: 1 tsp lemon juice, 1 tsp honey, milk powder

Method: Mix them together by adding some water to make a paste and apply.

2. Ingredients: 1 tbsp honey, 1 tbsp milk powder, 1 tsp coffee powder

Method: Mix them together and apply.

Ubtan for body

1. Ingredients: Grated papaya, lemon juice, 1tbsp rice powder, 1 tbsp yoghurt

Method: Mix them together and apply on body.

2. Ingredients: rice powder, dry jasmine flowers, ground mishri/sugar, milk or yogurt

Method: Mix them in equal measure and apply.

Hands and feet scrub

Ingredients: 1 tbsp sandalwood powder, 1 tbsp orange peel, 1 tbsp multani mitti, a handful of fresh rose petals

Method: Mix them together and apply.

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