Do not lose, you will lose with courage, this poem of Gujral, just stay a few days more
What is the relationship between Carona and sex, whether or not to have sex in Carona, what Carona is more spread than sex? Sex mandia or red light area should be opened in Carona or not, what will sex workers eat, whether or not sex workers get a taste, open the wine in Carona, what to open sex, what to do when people are not having sex by staying together at home, Abortion increased more in Carona, people had more sex at the time of Karona, what would you mind if you open a sex mandia in your house, sex then message center and beauty parlor in the bar Were everywhere, will we stop all this, for fear of doing, see this in our second video and read /
      We have also told in another video that Arogya Setu app will stop Karona, how dangerous it is to load, whether to load it in mobile or not, what is the harm in loading it, will it harm us, we have to load it Whether or not the Prime Minister asked to load the sanatorium bridge, the Law Minister said no harm, why the government does not reveal its code, who are the private people to make it, what? They can be trusted, will they not steal Harra data, this app is not legally recognized, how many days it will be closed, it has yielded good results in Singapore and South Korea, Sarkar created this app vaccine for Karona virus. 20 Indian doctors and scientists are staying with Donald Trump, Trump praises Indian doctors and scientists, brown Indian scientists believe America’s President, his iron heart, Indian helpers in stopping Karona, India will get ventilators, Modiji’s friend, Modi thanked him, how useful Ayurvedic medicines are to stop Karona, is there any clean study or just his Trust, does this drug increase immunity, what harm does it cause, is there any study done, should we drink this decoction or not, do they cause kidney or liver damage ,
                Listen to our beloved Prime Minister’s lecture of life through a melodious song, know about Narendra Modiji, listen to a Gana Narendra Modi, see pictures of Narendra Modi, rare picture of Modiji, description of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Narendra Modiji Video of, remember Modi, these people went to Modiji, remember the Prime Minister, listen to Modiji’s praise, Modi’s lecture, Karona in A song of Mukesh Rajkumar on the forced labor returning to their homes from lock down, forced laborers lost everything, roti cloth houses, rolling villages, the government failed, the Googly Googly government, not the care of Majaddoro, Surrey government aid on paper , Unhappy with the forced Majdoor family, Lakhoo’s flock on the roads,
                   Listen to the song of the laborer, see the plight will weep, these are ours too, they are defeated, the government does not fail, all the government arrangements collapsed, the workers were forced to walk thousands of kilometers on foot, Karona hit us very badly but dare Do not give up, walk, take it and walk, black night will pass sometime, morning will come, do not ask for intention and move on, defeat is light with shadow, defeat is hot after day, defeat is full moon after moonlight It comes, the necklace comes out after the fall, it is autumn, after it comes the spring, after summer it gets cold, thorns get rose, the walkers get the destination, after every thunderstorm there comes a cool cool atmosphere. Those who roam around in Karona, Delhi Police gave them a wonderful education after taking up the dummy Karona corpse, do not roam in Karona in such a way, Karona will spread out of the house,
               Stay in the house in Karona, roam outside, do the work yourself, spread the corona to another, asked to take the dummy dead body to the crematorium, the police caught the people walking on the road, the police will catch it, do not go outside in Karona, take the dead body, The dead body was told to be killed, Karona has not gone yet, to stay in the house, will have to fight with Karona, put on a mask, stay in the house, stay two yards away, Karona will stop like this, everyone is sad and depressed in Karona, with this songImmt bring, not Corona loser, you will Corona lost the courage to, listen to this poem Gujral, just a few days and steady Stay,
Professor Dr. Ram is a very well-known doctor and professor in India. He studies MBBS and MD MS students in medical colleges and writes on a lot of blogs and journals. You will tell about diseases and the poison that Karona has spread now has made all people worry, worry and death, the whole world can be heard in the house It has become difficult why lock down is necessary for Karona, there is no medicine or cure for Karona, so it is necessary to stay away from each other, if Karona we go out of the house, then we will meet many people because the failure of Karona Air Droplet Therefore, due to coughing, sneezing someone will spit or sputum in our mouth, so it is important to put on a mask, and it is important to stay away, once you stop, then It will be good to do it, do it anyway. More people do not take any symptoms in 40%, in 10-15% small leaks like cough, cold, cold, mild rash, but if there is high fever, difficulty in breathing or oxygen body. I should work, the breath should be fast and if the aroma or test is done then think of doing it again

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