Coronavirus lockdown: It’s the time to procrastinate?

When Shillong-based Zumba instructor Dapalei Warjri got a call from rapper Vik Feyago Sen requesting her to be a part of his new single, the Work Song, she told him she would like to perform on it as well. She believed that some of her dance skills could do justice to the song and the video. “The Work Song, is a portrayal of procrastination in a better light. Procrastination is also something we are able to indulge in because of the pandemic,” says Warjri.

Sen, the maker of the video, says he brought together artistes from “East and Northeast” India because “if you want an urban music crowd that appreciates your verses, your wardrobe, your beats and your vibe, the East is an absolute paradise. It is dreamy and inspiring.”

Work Song depicts a number of artistes at home enjoying doing nothing. “The idea is to do what artists primarily set out to do, distract and entertain viewers, taking their minds off the troubles that come with the day, especially during these successive lockdowns,” says Sen. Everybody is jumping on the bandwagon and making Coronavirus-related songs, but Sen adds, “So, I decided to go with some humour instead.”

For someone like Warjri, who used to hold music classes in Shillong, says the lockdown has brought her life to a halt and she now has more time for her family. She says, “The pandemic has really brought a major change to both my career and family life. Earlier, everything was physically exhausting for me, but this lockdown has brought a positive change in my life. It has given me a good break which I needed. That’s also the reason why I could participate in this video with Feyago and other artistes from the East.”

Rapper Vik Feyago Sen

Rapper Vik Feyago Sen
Photo: Pranjal Bharti


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