Since the outbreak of Kovid-19 is in our India, our Prime Minister comes on TV and radio and addresses himself to the public and explains how they have to make 2 yards distance, how they are in every way a gamble or a handkerchief or any This mask has to be used so that it does not come into us in the transition and I spread it to someone else in the same context. He also said that we should do exercise. And we should follow some Ayurvedic medicines which are our medicines or prescriptions such as drinking hot water, washing the nose and mouth, but as soon as they speak, we do not know how many kinds of decoction came in the market and they declared it That our consumption will increase our immunity a lot and we will not do it or there will be a virus which is completely wrong.
It is not right to say that there will be no virus due to increase in immunity, and as far as increasing immunity is concerned, we do not need to eat this expensive expensive medicine only if we eat a balanced diet on our own. Keep the hands clean, keep the hands clean, use a mask, keep it for 2 yards, then we will see that we will not have to, for this, we need to drink expensive cards Not only can we use vitamin C or lemon orange seasonal Amla Giloy, we can drink pineapple ginger soda etc. to keep the pH high, we do not need to count this expensive product

       When Modi ji first came to be Prime Minister in 2014, he formed an AYUSH ministry. He was also accused that he was probably saying that this would give a boost to India’s old medical practice or Hindu culture because one It is true that Ayurvedic medicine is good, but its development has not been able to stand up to today’s medical standards in the same way that modern medicine is on It is tested that Ayurvedic medicines are not tested in that way. Many medicines are sold only in the name of saying that every drug is considered by the US Food and Drug Agency or FDA or their CDC when that drug is completely Double blind randomized trial trials are done to ensure that no harm is done to humans, ie the patient on which this test is being done.
      That patient does not even know that he is being given any medicine or who does the test, he does not even know that the work is doing this test on these patients. It is applied to human beings and then the formula or the method used for it is one for everyone, but it is not like in Ayurvedic medicine that it is like chamanprash. Although a different company makes a different way, they also change the elements inside it in their own way and do not even tell it completely, so they are afraid that they will be copied and hence how much benefit the patient will get from their company If you get more from other companies, then their sales will decrease and they also make different methods which are not accepted by modern medicine in the same way that the test can also be done. It happens on very few people and those who test and those who test it know that we are testing this drug
Therefore, we cannot call it a fair trial, keeping this in mind, our Prime Minister has nominated Mr. Bhushan Patwardhan Ji, Vice Chairman of the University Grant Commission of our country to form a process by joining with the Drug Manufacturing Wing of the Ministry of AYUSH. Let us choose fair good medicines and that medicine will not only give us fame in our country, but also We should also be respected in Sh because it is seen that the medicines in the Ministry of AYUSH do not treat the patient in the emergency, only we treat him for a long time and the rest of the world also does not accept this because We believe that this medicine is good, but because people all over the world also agree and everyone should treat it well, for this we must kill medicines Be the best in the medical standards because for the Kovid-19 itself, about 3000 medicines were approved by the Government of India for getting patents from various Ayurvedic doctors, but all these things were hollow because they did not cure any patient of Kovid-19. Did not, therefore, the government decided to test some drugs and where it would be determined by taking trials on people like that. If they are actually working or not, then if they are not doing any bad effect on the patient then it will be proved when it is proven and like modern medicine we take double blind random mind trial in the same way. We will also test the drugs, so I want to tell you that you should not consume Giloy or ginger or turmeric or any other ingredients found in the market in this way, but for your own benefit. Increase as the insulating capacity here

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