Arogya Setu and Carona Virus spread,will loading it will protect us?HOW WE CAN LOSS OUR PRIVACY BY LOADING THIS APP IN OUR MOBILE?

Our Prime Minister himself came and requested everyone on TV to do something in the Government of India, that we all should download the Arogya Setu App on our mobile phones, because by downloading this, we can use the help Regulatory Authority of our surroundings through Bluetooth. They will join together and they will come to know that in which area we are and do not influence the area in which it is red zone or green zone. Neither or orange is on
 Then say how much the corona is spread in the area from which to say if we are potentially infected, do our test to find out if we really have an infection and if we are good for some reason and going to an area where But Karona is in the Red Zone, you get further information there, we do not have to go there either and if you go wrong then the government will hold us again Offer to the whatever tracing the positive person of rubbing people in their well and Corona the very use of the app we can stop
We need that if we have a smartphone on our mobile phone then we must download it in our country, it is a big problem but in our country everybody has a smartphone, where most people have such a mobile phone Which can be a matter because smartphones are very expensive, so the government will be trapping all the people who will come in contact with the Red Zone through it. Kegi, this thing is not properly accepted, so how well it will be used is also controversial, but 1 rule has been implemented in the government that all government employees, they have to load this app on their mobile phones only then they can work in government offices. Will be aloud then the same question they do not have a smartphone, what will they do
Let’s talk about another thing. Mobile tracing has done a huge job. Take Singapore, take South Korea. Take Germany. Take this mobile tracing everywhere. This mobile tracing has helped in stopping a lot of karona but the work of making this mobile there The government agencies there did it by their own hands, so all the control words that are there are safe with the government, so no one can steal the data. But companies have knowledgeable people who work on the Internet in our country as it is made with the government that is hidden inside the code it does not tell all and then inside it now Google and Apple are also jumping
How will the Arogya Setu app stop? How dangerous is it to load, whether to load it in mobile or not, what is the harm in loading it, will it cause any harm to us, should we load it or not, the Prime Minister asked to load the sanatorium bridge, Law Minister said Said no harm, why the government does not tell its code, who are the private people in making it, can they be trusted, will they not steal Harra data, Legal recognition if not, it will turn on how many days later, Singapore and South got good fruit in Korea, government has Vanha They made app /
In this, many people in our country who know the people of the internet and work in private agencies for fear of stealing the data, say that our data will not be safe in it because companies or people who get that data can get this data and elsewhere We will also be able to experiment but in this matter our Law Minister Prasad ji clearly said that there is no other intention of the government, just do the tracing. The government wants to control it, but the government has not told how long it will do this work, our second minister Mr. Prakash Javadekar even said that it can be used for another 2 years in practice which is not right because the world In other countries, a time has been fixed after which it will not be put into practice and secondly it has no legal recognition because any Even personal data is personal, no one can tell him that he should give his data to another, after using this app, it is true that the government may not want to but our data can be seen by the person running the app. is
 The government should make its code known to the world so that it completely clears the intention of the government and the people who are making such allegations should be silenced because this is what our Prime Minister said that we should load this app It is very important to do this and now he also said that those brothers of our laborers who are returning to their homes in the village will also be examined by pressing through this app, so our The government should use this good weapon with utmost care in order to use it otherwise, otherwise someone can go to the court and decide to keep it closed due to a violation of privacy which can prevent our virus. There will be a lot of hindrance in the movement of freedom.

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