Personal Agenda with Kuldeep Yadav: “The best compliment I got from a fan: You bowl just like Shane Warne!”

  • Date of birth: December 14
  • Sunsign: Sagittarius
  • Place of birth : Kanpur
  • School/college: Karam Devi Memorial Academy/Christ Church College, Kanpur
  • First break: When I got selected for India Under-19 in 2012
  • High point of your life:The four wickets I took on my test debut
  • Low point of your life: When I was struggling to get a chance in Ranji Trophy in 2015

Describe yourself in a hashtag.


If you weren’t a cricketer, what would you have been?

Most probably a pilot.

Which sportsperson have you looked up to?

Sachin Tendulkar.

Name your favourite cricket ground.

Eden Gardens, for sure.

What’s the best compliment a fan gave you?

A fan came to me once and said you bowl just like Shane Warne.

And how did you react?

It filled my heart with happiness. I will never forget this compliment!

And what’s the last thing you googled?

The details of Planet Venus. I’m really interested in space and the solar system.

The theme song of your life is…?

You’ll Never Walk Alone… it’s the Liverpool FC anthem!

Name a book that has inspired you.

Growing Up Bin Laden.

  • Most used App: WhatsApp
  • First thing I do on my phone in the morning: Check Instagram
  • Most rewatched on YouTube: Shane Warne’s videos
  • Least used app: Skype
  • Favourite thing on Instagram: Boomerang

What did you learn from it?

It talks about how Laden trained his kids to face any tough situation, which is quite inspiring.

A piece of advice you want to give youngsters?

Something I learnt from my own career: Believe in your ability, trust your coach and never give up.

When you are not playing cricket, you are…?

Watching horror movies!

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From HT Brunch,May 17 2020

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