Yami Gautam: Why say there’s no silver lining in the lockdown?

As someone with a spiritual bent of mind, Yami Gautam’s thoughts, it seems, naturally gravitate towards enjoying the simpler joys of life.

You almost feel her joie de vivre when she shares, “I had almost an hour-long conversation with my father, which never happens. Of course, when he’s in Mumbai or when I’m in Chandigarh, we talk for a long time, but never on the phone. With mom you can still talk about so many things, but with dad there was never such a thing.” 

Her father was visiting their farm in Himachal Pradesh for two days, when the lockdown was announced, and he has been there since, away from the family in Chandigarh.

Nevertheless, the 31-year-old wonders, “A lot of people are saying there’s no silver lining in this, but why? Of course, we know the other side of the lockdown, but we still have to move on. We have to make it positive for ourself.”

As for the actor, she’s doing it by indulging in things she loves to do. She has been reading a book on spirituality, and she has gone back to reading the Bhagavad Gita, which she first did around 6-7 years back. 

She has also been cooking a lot of late. Mention it to her, and she says, “I used to always love cooking… My sister, mom and nani are amazing cooks, so I was always this person who thought in my head that ‘I’m a great cook’. But in reality, everybody said ‘No, you’re not’.”

Talking about the transformation that the film industry will undergo, she says, “Things aren’t going to be exactly how we left them. I’m sure budgets are going to get curtailed. We’re going to be hit financially.”

She also feels “there will be a lot of filtering”, and hopes “it will only be for the better in terms of quality and creativity” as bringing the audience back to theatres won’t be a cakewalk.

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