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Instagram is not known for games and it certainly is not a gaming app. But that has not stopped creative minds from creating games that can actually be played right from the Stories section of the app.

These games are based on the AR filters that track users head or eye gestures as the controls in somewhat similar way the popular filter Guess the Gibberish works where a sticker appears on the users head with a Gibberish phrase and users are expected to guess the correct phrase before the timer runs out.

So, here are five games that you can play on Instagram right now. You can even post these games as Stories on Instagram with the scores you’ve achieved.

To play these games, you need to visit the Stories section and search these games using the Filter search option. Once found, tap on the Try it button and start playing.

Racing Bike by mingnjas
Racing Bike, as the name suggests is an endless bike racing game where players need to dodge the obstacles by moving their head and score as much as they can.

Car Racing by rusoffline
The concept of the game is simple: players are supposed to avoid the traffic using their head to change lanes and survive for as long as they can.

Jumping robot game by katyaelliot_masks
Jumping robot is a 2D robot game in which the major agenda is to dodge obstacles, very similar to Google Chrome’s offline game T-Rex dinosaur. Players here are supposed to blink their eyes to control the robot and help it jump over the obstacles.

Paca-paca by yana.mishkinis
A Pacman alternative on Instagram. Sounds interesting, right? Well, Paca-paca is actually a Pacman game that can be played on Instagram using head movements.

Flappy Bird Game by artur_petrov11
Remember the popular Flappy Bird game that seemed almost impossible to play using the touch controls? Now imagine controlling the same using your mouth. Well, an Instagram user artur_petrov11 has made the Flappy Bird Game for Instagram and it is controlled by the opening and closing of your mouth. Open the mouth to ascend the flight of the bird and close it to descend.

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