BBC sport commentator narrates Philip Island penguin ‘race’ in hilarious new video

Phillip Island’s penguins have just shot to global stardom after being the subject of a BBC sport commentator’s latest comical video.

Andrew Cotter’s videos have gone viral as the sports commentator – without any actual sport to broadcast during coronavirus lockdowns – has been narrating competitions between his dogs, Olive and Mabel, instead.

The satirical ‘competitions’ – from a race to devour breakfast, to the most shameful walk contest – have amassed millions of views on YouTube.

Now Andrew has given his comical treatment to a ‘sporting event’ here in Australia – Philip Island’s penguin parade.

In the video, he hilariously narrates the antics of the island’s fairy penguins as they return from sea and make their way up the beach to their burrows on the sand dunes.

Some of the funniest moments in the video include a penguin taking a shortcut, to which Andrew comments “sad that cheating has crept into this beautiful sport” and the “familiar face” of “Skip Macintyre, eight times a champion back in the 90s, now a very successful coach keeping an eye on proceedings.”

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Andrew has also revealed his connection to Philip Island.

“I knew all about the penguins of Phillip Island before this and have visited Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road or Mornington Peninsula every year for the past fifteen years,” he told Phillip Island Nature Parks.

“I love it all down there so this was a natural fit.”

Phillip Island Nature Parks’ Catherine Basterfield says the video is a wonderful way to share “our amazing little penguins with the rest of the world”.

“The penguins are quite comfortable in front of an audience as they are used to doing their

nightly waddle in front of visitors at the Penguin Parade, but this kind of global recognition

goes above and beyond. The penguins never fail to entertain with their antics, and Andrew’s

wonderful wit has captured this beautifully.”

Images from Phillip Island Nature Parks | 2016

Philip Island’s penguins are accustomed to getting attention. Picture: Visit Victoria

Philip Island’s daily parade of penguins draws hundreds of thousands of visitors from around the world every year who line the observation boardwalks to witness the adorable little creatures race up the beach and to their burrows.

*Note: Phillip Island Nature Parks, including the Penguin Parade, are currently closed due to coronavirus restrictions.

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