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With most of this summer spent indoors, it’s also the best time to treat your curly hair better. Have you always wanted to enter the room and have people look at you like Ross, Chandler and Phoebe looked at Cassie (Denise Richards) when she flipped her hair? Curly-haired men and women get that look almost all the time, including unsolicited hair care tips from concerned friends, family and relatives. While the struggle is real and can be overwhelming on most occasions, this lockdown may just be a blessing in disguise. As you deal with the heat, use this time to redefine your curls and make a statement the next time you walk out of your house.

Unlocking the locks

While taking care of curly hair may look like a lot of work, it is simply sticking to the basics which can work its magic. Experts say that men with curly hair should look for nourishing, strengthening and moisturising shampoos which suit their hair, as the hair has a rougher texture due to its natural curves.


“Shampoo opens the hair cuticle and cleanses it, conditioner nourishes and then closes the cuticles to help detangling and avoid knots in lengths,” explains Jay Kishan Pawar, master barber, Truefitt and Hill. He goes on to add that drying the hair naturally is advisable to avoid tangled hair. Interestingly, while most people opt for hair styling tools, they actually dry your hair, especially now, when you need the most moisture. “Use air-dry styling creams on wet hair and twist small sections as it will help give your curly hair structure and even fight frizz,” adds Pawar.

Simply adopting natural remedies can also make life easier. Using a mixture of aloe vera, honey and coconut milk or just apple cider vinegar can work wonders, as it helps hydrate your hair. If it’s difficult to get them under lockdown, simply using a mixture of olive oil with banana (30 minutes) or brown sugar (massage for a few minutes), not only helps repair hair but also gives you a healthy scalp.

De-stress over tresses

While most problems that men and women face with their hair are similar, the effects may differ due to hormonal changes, and can’t be ignored. Divya Sabanayagam, co-founder, Dryfix, says that hair fall is the most common side effect of fluctuating hormones, however, this is not for a specific hair type.“Make sure to get a hair wash done regularly and condition it with every wash. To avoid dehydration of the strands one can make sure to do a monthly hair spa and oil massage,” she adds. While these may need you to go visit a salon, Sofia Upadhyay, hair expert, Nashi Argan India, adds, “Maintaining a healthy diet and timely oiling of hair can ensure that your hair receives the nourishment it needs to grow beautifully.” Oiling has been said to be an important part of haircare, but there are several other measures that people may often tend to ignore. Malika Sadani, founder, The Moms Co., highlights, “Using lukewarm water to rinse your hair instead of warm or hot water, and using your fingers to detangle hair gently, while avoiding brushing your hair aggressively is important.”


Although curly hair grabs a lot of attention, it is the frizzy texture that unfortunately, turns out to be its Achilles’ heel on most occasions, especially during the summer, Sofia adds, “Using a non-cream based shampoo so that the scalp doesn’t grease as much and always use a moisture-based leave-in conditioner as soon as your hair is washed to break down the frizz.” However, Divya emphasizes that even as deep conditioning and applying a curl cream after a wash is important, simply consuming a lot of proteins and making sure to not overbrush your hair can be the easiest way to maintain your hair. Along with aloe vera and hung curd, which are easily available, it is also coconut oil, argan oil, almond oil and castor oil, which can help keep the hair healthy. As the heat can get to most people, women can experiment and try a half-bun half-open hairstyle, a high pony, a high bun or a double Dutch to suit their mood.

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