Bandana: A stylish fix to lockdown hair

Bandana has become the most sought-after accessory for men during the lockdown. While the trend was big on the ramp with designers styling printed bandanas with their clothes for a while now, the lockdown has made more men to tie this cool and summery accessory around their forehead. All those men who don’t want to opt for a quarantine buzz cut since salons are shut, the only way to manage their unkempt locks at home is by tying a bandana around the forehead. And our Bollywood celebrities, too, approve of the trend. Hopping on to the bandwagon are stars such as actor Ayushmann Khurrana, singer Aditya Narayan and TV actor Karan Tacker.

So, why is it that bandanas are back in demand? Designer Jenjum Gadi says, “Bandanas were a hot trend in the early noughties. We have seen a lot of it on David Beckham. His paisley printed bandanas made him look sexier. We are now seeing its resurgence as most of us are home, styling the hair becomes bit of a task all the time. Also, the growing and unmanageable mane can only be tamed by tying it. So why not use a bandana.”

Model Anand Dixit, who is also sporting a bandana to tame his growing hair during the lockdown, says, “ I can’t take the risk of chopping my hair on my own, since I can’t visit my hairdresser because of the lockdown. Bandana saved the day for me and I have been wearing different prints every day. I believe that this trend will continue post the lockdown too.”

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