Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation to take psychologists’ help to ensure mental wellness of students

THE NAVI Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) will use the services of psychologists to counsel its 40,000-plus students of corporation schools to assess the impact of online schooling on them.

The move aims to evaluate the psychological health of students, who have not been able to physically attend classes since the pandemic began last year.

Under the plan, the psychologists will evaluate the students’ mental health and counsel those who need such support. This will be done at regular intervals through online sessions.

“It has been over a year that the students are attending online classes. They have been completely cut off from the conventional school life. Learning in a classroom atmosphere is a very important social activity for students and through that only, their psychological development happens, which has been totally ceased since last year,” said Navi Mumbai Municipal Commissioner Abhijit Bangar.

He added that a plan is being formulated to evaluate the mental health of all students.

“We, in discussion with psychiatrists, are planning to develop a few sessions like group discussion, interactive sessions and group activities for the students. Through these activities, the professionals will understand the students’ state of mind, and those who need help, would be given so,” Bangar added.

To ensure that online education of students does not suffer due to lack of resources, the NMMC had earlier decided to extend financial assistance to students of corporation-run schools to help them purchase mobile internet connection.

Initially, the civic body will deposit Rs 1,000 in the students’ bank accounts to buy six months of internet package, considering the financial restraints of their parents.

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