Mehul Choksi Complaint: Fugitive Diamantaire Discloses Names Of Alleged Abductors, Probe Begins

Saint John’s: PNB scam-accused and fugitive diamantaire Mehul Choksi has filed a complaint with the Antiguan Police and disclosed the names of his alleged abductors.

Choksi narrated his side of the story in a complaint filed with the Commissioner of Police, Royal Antigua and Barbuda Police Force, earlier on June 2.

“Over the past one year, I have come to be on friendly terms with a Ms. Barbara Jabarica. She used to originally reside opposite my residential complex in Jolly Harbour but later shifted to Coco Bay Hotel. She was on friendly terms with my staff and we used to meet and interact regularly, often going for walks in the evenings. On 23 May 2021, she requested that we deviate from our normal schedule of meeting in a public place directly, and asked me to pick her up at her house, which is located on the road next to the Marina, numbered as 407,” Choksi said in his complaint.

“Upon her request, I reached her house at 5-5:15 PM where she invited me in and indicated that she wanted to finish her wine, saying that we will step out in a few minutes. While conversing with her, there was a loud noise just behind us, and 8-10 heavily-muscled men appeared from all the entrances. They claimed to be Antiguan Police and that they know all about me and have been watching me for a while. They told me that they were to escort me to St. John’s police station but when I resisted and first requested to contact my lawyers, they physically restrained me and began hitting me from all sides,” he added.

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Choksi further said: “I attempted to get away, but I was quickly overpowered, owing to being so heavily outnumbered and due to my poor state of health. My attackers continued to beat me mercilessly with bare hands and also utilized a taster on my face, hands and exposed skin, causing burns, bruises and immense pain. They further told me that if I continued to resist, they would file a complaint against me for “Obstruction of Justice”.

“Due to their brutal beatings, I was unable to resist and was barely conscious. They then took my cell phone, Rolex watch and wallet. They stated that they did not want to rob me and returned the money to me at that point of time which was around 1500 Dollars,” he added in his complaint filed by his lawyers.

The Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda has, as per reports, started an investigation into the alleged abduction of the absconding diamantaire to neighbouring Dominica.

Choksi mysteriously went missing on May 23 from Antigua and Barbuda where he has been staying since 2018 as a citizen, but was detained in neighbouring Dominica for illegal entry after a possible romantic escapade with his rumoured girlfriend.

However, his lawyers have alleged that the fugitive businessman was kidnapped from Jolly Harbour in Antigua by some officials and brought to Dominica.

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