‘India’s Fight Against Covid Still On,’ Warns PM Modi; Assures Ramping Up Vaccine Supply | Key Points

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday evening stressed on following Covid-19 protocols which includes wearing face masks and maintaining social distance in order to curb the effect of second wave of Covid-19. The PM also assured the nation to ramp up Covid vaccine supply in the country. 

Addressing the nation at national television at 5 PM today, the Prime Minister noted that the Covid pandemic is the one that no one in the world has seen. “Our battle with the second wave of Covid-19 is still on. During this second wave of the Covid-19, we have lost many of our loved ones. I extend my condolences to all the Covid victims,” PM Modi said. 

He went on to note the need of liquid medical oxygen during the second wave of Covid and elaborated on the various measures taken by the government to battle the accute shortage of the resources. 

“This pandemic is the one that no one in the world has seen. In the Indian history, we never required as much liquid medical oxygen as we needed during the second wave. In order to meet with the rising demand of health care facilities, vaccines and oxygen plants, a new medical/health infrastructre has been built. The government ensured that the demand for oxygen supply is being fulfilled by making necessary arrangements like trains, industrial redirection of oxygen production. All other resources including defence forces were on foot to extend support,” PM said. 

India saw an accelerated form of vaccination drive during this coronavirus pandemic. In past, when the world had advanced in vaccination drive for polio, smallpox, and others, India had earlier struggled. After 2014 when the BJP government got chance to serve the nation, we made it a mission mode to increase India’s vaccination program, the PM said. 

Further in his address, PM Modi defended the very decisions, policies and programes launched for vaccination drive in India. The Prime Minister said that India launched two vaccines (on its own) and showed the world that India is not behind in medical advancements. 

“As soon as our scientists were prepping and researching for covid-19 vaccine, we (GOI) started to work on delivery logistics to make sure that we can cater to our large population. To produce vaccines in such a short span of time is a thing to be lauded by entire humankind. But everything has limitations. WHO shared guidelines on how to vaccinate everyone. Advice from our parliamentarians and other stakeholders were also considered before rolling out a vaccination plan. For that reason, we focused on our health workers and frontline workers,” PM Modi said. 

The Prime Minister further assued the citizens to ramp up Covid vaccine supply in the country. He said that seven companies in the country are producing different vaccines while three vaccine trials are at advanced stage. 

He further announced that 25 per cent of vaccination work with states will now be handled by the Centre, it will be implemented in the coming two weeks. Both State and Centre to work as per new guidelines in the coming two weeks. Additionally, research on nasal vaccines are also currently underway. Moreover, free vaccines will be provided for people above 18 years from June 21 June. 

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