apple: Apple pays millions to student after explicit content from her iPhone was put on Facebook: Report – Times of India

Tech giant Apple has been able to extricate itself from an earlier trouble caused by the very reason it keeps saying it is sworn to protect: data privacy of the Apple user. The American technology behemoth recently had to pay millions in compensation to a 21-year old student to settle the case filed against it. The incident happened in 2016, when one day, she found that her iPhone, which she had sent for repair at Apple’s service centre in California, had been used to post her personal explicit images and videos on her Facebook account, reports The Telegraph. The culprits: the employees at the iPhone repair centre. Apple was sued for privacy invasion and has been able to settle the case only now, having had to pay millions in compensation to the woman, says the report.
The Apple repair centre where she sent the phone to is run by Pegatron, the Apple contractor. The repair technicians reportedly shared about 10 images and video from her iPhone local storage on her Facebook account. She got to know about this only through her friends and then removed the objectionable content.
The repair technicians that were involved have since been fired but Apple was sued for infringement of privacy and for causing emotional distress.
Apple spoke to The Telegraph and said, “When we learned of this egregious violation of our policies at one of our vendors in 2016, we took immediate action and have since continued to strengthen our vendor protocols.”

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