Anandaiah’s ‘Miracle Drug’ For Covid-19 To Be Distributed In Andhra Pradesh From Today

Krishnapatnam: Amid scores of theories, studies, and claims as a solution for Covid-19, an ayurvedic medical practitioner from Andhra Pradesh, B. Anandaiah, came up with a three-variant herbal mix for the Covid patients in the month of April. All was well, for Anandaiah’s herbal concoction, until people started believing that the herbal mix is a miracle drug for Covid-19.

A lot claim that, with Anandaiah’s herbal eye drops, the oxygen levels have gone up in the Covid patients and trusting this the Jagan government, took this seriously and have announced that the herbal concoction is a ‘miracle drug’ for Covid-19. But, things went haywire only when crowds started clogging up at the Anandaiah’s ayurvedic centre in Krishnapatnam. Flouting Covid guidelines, tens and thousands formed queues waiting for the ‘miracle drug’. On May 21, the distribution of concoction was stopped as people started overcrowding and violating the Covid norms.

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On May 30, with the help of the Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences (CCRAS), the state government permitted the usage of ayurvedic medicine for Covid-19. A week after the government’s nod, Anandaiah is all set to distribute the so-called Covid-19 medicine in parts of Andhra Pradesh. The state health authorities asked the Covid patients not to stop consuming drugs prescribed by doctors despite taking Anandaiah’s herbal concoction.

The Ayurvedic practitioner told the reporters that the concoction was initially being distributed among the people in his constituency of Sarvepalli in Krishnapatnam. And he appealed to people of other constituencies not to travel to Krishnapatnam and asked them to wait for the announcement of distribution in their constituencies.

On the flip side, the Nellore district officials alleged that Anandaiah is not a qualified professional and his concoction recipes don’t meet the standards.

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