TMC vs Governor: Moitra alleges Dhankhar’s kin hired as OSDs

After Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar summoned Chief Secretary HK Dwivedi to brief him on the steps taken to contain post-poll violence, TMC MP Mahua Moitra on Sunday alleged that people related to the Governor had been appointed as officer on special duty (OSD) in the Raj Bhawan.

Addressing the Governor as “uncleji”, the TMC leader said he should take his “sorry self” back to Delhi and “find another job”.

The TMC MP shared a list of names allegedly related to Dhankhar: OSD to Governor Abbhudoy Singh Sekhawat, OSD coordination Akhil Chowdhury, OSD administration Ruchi Dubey, OSD protocol Prasant Diksit, OSD IT Koustav S Valikar and newly appointed OSD Kishan Dhankar.

“And Uncleji- while you’re at it- take the extended family you’ve settled in at WB RajBhavan with you,” she said in a tweet.

She claimed that Sekhawat is the son of Dhankhar’s brother-in-law, and Ruchi Dubey and Prasant Diksit are respectively wife and brother of his former aide-de-camp (ADC) Major Gorang Diksit.

Moitra further claimed Valikar is the brother-in-law of present ADC Janardan Rao, while Kishan Dhankar is another close relative of the Governor.

Speaking to reporters, she said, “We have our democratic right to ask the Governor questions. He keeps asking questions to the state government. I would rather request him to look into the mirror. He has brought his entire village and entire clan to Raj Bhawan.”

Meanwhile, terming the law-and-order situation “extremely alarming”, Dhankhar has summoned state Dwivedi on Monday to brief him about the steps being taken by the state government to contain post-poll violence.

Dhankhar on Sunday claimed that the state police was “engaged as an extension of ruling dispensation to let loose vindictiveness on political opponents”.

In a series of tweets, the Governor said “lakhs” of people were being displaced in the state and property worth “hundreds of crores” destroyed.

“Extremely alarming law & order scenario. Security environment is seriously compromised. In such a grim situation called upon (the) Chief Secretary to brief me on the law and order situation on Monday 7th June and indicate all steps taken to contain post poll violence,” he tweeted.

Dhankhar alleged that people who had voted against the ruling TMC were victims of “targeted violence”.

“The state is in (the) grip of unprecedented post poll retributive violence at unimaginable scale, with lacs of people being displaced and property worth hundreds of crores vandalised. Rampant vandalism and hooliganism has resulted in large scale arson, loot, destruction of property. Numerous instances of rapes and killings at the hands of rogue elements who have no fear of law (sic),” he said.

The governor continued, “Democratic values are openly shredded and trampled by ruling party harmads. People are in mortal fear of police and that in turn is at the feet of ruling party rogue elements.”

He added, “Police is engaged as extension of ruling dispensation to let loose vindictiveness on political opponents. In such a grim situation Chief Secretary of the state be called upon to brief me urgently on Monday 7th June and indicate all steps taken to contain post poll violence.”

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