Sisodia hits out at BJP, asks spokesperson Sambit Patra to read rules before making allegations

Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia responded to BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra’s charge that the proposed doorstep delivery of ration in Delhi was a scam.

“I had hoped that BJP would understand that giving ration to people at home was a step in the right direction for the poor people of Delhi, but I was mistaken. Sambit Patra abused Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal many, many times today, but I am not going to stoop to that and respond to it,” Sisodia said.

While accusing Kejriwal of only bothering about advertising and taking credit, Patra had said earlier in the day that the Delhi government’s scheme was a scam since people will be charged money to get wheat flour as part of the scheme.

Hitting out at Patra, Sisodia said: “He said we want to levy an extra charge. Mr Patra should read the Centre’s guidelines. It is written clearly that if someone wants wheat to be ground to aata, Rs 3 can be charged for this. Our scheme says we will charge Rs 2 and will deliver aata to their homes. Your problem is not Rs 2, your problem is that ration will reach people’s homes, and BJP will not be able to pilfer it.”

Doorstep delivery of ration has been one of Delhi government’s promises for several years, but it hasn’t been able to get clearance from the Centre as the current method of distribution, which is through designated fair price shops, is the rule laid down for grain that states get from the Centre. Officials from the Centre say that this grain cannot be used for a scheme that changes the nature of how it is distributed.

Sisodia, however, said that doorstep delivery would help the city get rid of ration mafia, hence pilferage, and accused BJP of wanting the system to continue, saying they benefit from the current system.

“People have to face so many problems. The ration does not come on time, shops are shut when they should be open. But Sambit Patra said that the arrangement that is underway is fine and will continue as such. They want us to shut our eyes to pilferage and theft that goes on. They are basically saying that Congress did this for 70 years and now BJP will continue to do it. Should this theft from 80 crore people who get ration be allowed to continue? We will continue to fight against it.”

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