‘China Is Capable Of Launching Cyber Attacks On India; Trying To Create Systems For Defence’ Says CDS Bipin Rawat

New Delhi: On Wednesday, ahead of the 11th round of talks General Bipin Rawat, Chief of Defence Staff said that China is capable of launching cyber attack on India and that there is a gap between the two countries when it comes to technology during an address at the the Vivekananda International Foundation.

He further said “biggest differential” between India and China lies in the field of cyber domain, adding the neighbouring country has been able to invest a lot of funds on new technologies according to a PTI report. He said that the in the past few years the “capability difference” has come between the two countries and that China does have a “lead” over India when it comes to technology.

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He was quoted by PTI as saying, “We know that China is capable of launching cyber attacks on us and that it can disrupt a large amount of our systems. What we are trying to do is to create a system which would ensure cyber defence.” 

Referring to the border issue at eastern Ladakh he said that India’s leadership have displayed the political will and determination to uphold vital national interests in the face of “unprovoked assault” on its security and dignity. 

By creating various firewalls to deal with such cyber attacks the issue is being dealt with in a serious way. According to PTI, the CDS explained each service has its own cyber agency to ensure that the time and the effect of the does not last long if there is a cyber attack. He was quoted as saying “What we are trying to do is to create a system which would ensure cyber defence…We should be able to overcome cyber-attacks and continue with our systems either through an alternative or preventive means through firewalls”. 

India & China are likely to hold corps commander level talks on April 9th sources reveal on Wednesday. This will be the 11th round of military talks seeking to resolve the ongoing issues and friction point in Gogra, Hot Springs and Despang plain in Ladakh. Earlier, India and China held 10 round of talks at the Corps Commander-level to reach the arrangement to disengage from the Pangong lake area.

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