Disha Ravi Mother: Waiting to hug her… stand by our kids in fight for justice

“I am waiting to hug her once she comes back home.”

That was Manjula Nanjaiah, the mother of activist Disha Ravi, soon after her daughter was granted bail by a Delhi court in the toolkit case Tuesday evening.

Speaking to The Indian Express, Manjula said: “This was difficult for anyone but when our children have not done anything wrong, why do we need to fear?

We have to stand beside our children when they are fighting for truth and justice.”

Bengaluru-based Disha, 22, was arrested by Delhi Police on February 14 for her alleged role in preparing a toolkit on the farmers’ protest that was tweeted by Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg.

“I would like to thank everyone, especially the legal team, who was with her, helping her. I have confidence in our judiciary system. Since our daughter had not done anything wrong, we were confident of her getting bail,” said Manjula, a homemaker who stays in Chikkabanavara, about 30 km from Bengaluru city, with Disha and their pet dog Sammy. Disha’s father Ravi Annappa, an athletics coach, is based in Mysuru but has been staying with Manjula since their daughter’s arrest.

Asked about the allegations against Disha, Manjula said: “The truth will always win. Why should we fear when my daughter has not done anything wrong? She was only supporting farmers and doing good for society.”

According to Manjula, Disha’s friends were a pillar of support over the last nine days. “I don’t have words to describe their support. They were with us during this difficult time. I can say that Disha’s friends are God’s gift to our family and Disha,” Manjula said.

Asked about their conversations when Disha called from Delhi, Manjula said: “My daughter was very confident and when we were talking to her on the phone, she always told us not to be afraid. She was giving us strength and support. Hence, we were able to manage. We were only concerned about her safety and asking whether she had food on time since she has never been away from us. She has always been with us from the time she was born. This is the first time she has been away from us.”

Referring to the support for Disha from across the world, Manjula said: “I would like to thank all of them and should not forget to thank all my neighbours and my family who are in the village for their support. They know who Disha is and what she was doing for society.”

Later, speaking to reporters, Manjula said: “She is a strong girl…When children are on the right path, parents must support them.” —(With ENS/Bengaluru)

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