IS CORONA VIRUS PREPARED IN CHINA LAB?AN ACCIDENTAL LEAKAGE OR SPREAD FRO BAT BY WET ANIMAL MARKET,TRUMP ALLEGING CHINA AND WHO FOR THIS WIDE SPREAD,CHINESE DR. SHINGLI SAYING ON CHINA TV FURTHER CONFIRM SUCH SUSPICION What Corona China Made? What the WHO did, how accurate Trump’s accusation was, Shingley raised suspicion, Shing Li, deputy director of Wuhan’s Institute of Virology in Shingli, China, today on China’s national channel, told China National Channel how he came to Corona. I do not know, but they have viruses, bacteria found in many wild and extinct animals and if they attack a man, they can cause more devastation than Corona, their suspicion increased that China itself After all this junk, it has killed so many millions, will infect millions, and has put the economic condition of the entire world in the gutter,
                      Will Corona have a second third invasion? Will have to live with the corona, the corona is not going to go so fast, will have to keep a handle, will have to put on an equal mask, going out of the house, washing hands everywhere with soap or sanitizer, two yards away from each other, laser. Masks, PPE kits are being fitted with new material electric batteries, they have to be brought into practice, Heard immunity, no immunity, when 70% of the population gets infected then no uninfected person will get the virus, then it will die, but now the condition is worrisome, but Do not be afraid to add more than 4000 cases in case positives. It has 60 percent of the silencing or without elimination, only less than 3% of deaths, and only 4 to 10% of those admitted actually get well at home, our recovery rate is also 35. 65% of people should not be afraid for this, even those who are in the age of 40 who have heart, breath, kidney, liver or sugar cancer disease, so stay calm, do not take tension, take care, corona will be cured, corona’s Vaccine may come by December, good medicine is also being manufactured,
                             Professor Dr. Ram is a very well known doctor and professor in India. He is studying MBBS and MD MS students in Medical College and writes on a lot of blogs and journals. You will tell about diseases and the poison that Karona has spread now has made all people worry, worry and death, the whole world has become locked in Karona house due to Sunna, why is it necessary to lock down for Karona, someone of Karona No medicine or hinges, so it is necessary to stay away from each other, if we do go out of the house, then we will meet many people, because Karona air falls from the droplets, so someone coughs, sneezes, spits or mucus from our mouth. It is important to put a mask in us, and it is important to stay away, it is important to stay away, once you stop doing it then it will stop, do it anyway, more people do not get any impact in 80%, like small spikes in 10-15% Cough, cold, cough, light-headedness, but if there is a high fever, difficulty in breathing or oxygen is working in the body, the breath is fast. And if the aroma or test is done then you should think of doing it, it is bad to do it in 4-5% of people, or bring about getting admitted in the hospital or icu.
                Then a ventilator is needed, so you do not be afraid, do not be afraid, slowly give the plasma of a person who is ill and cured, he has rested and more antibiotics, antiviral, vitamin C, zinc and livermiquetin medicines work well, but these Do not take all the medicine yourself, the people caring for the patient should put n95 masks on them. They should not put on ordinary masks, they are also given hydroxy chloroquin tablets, but by asking the doctor because these bad effects on children, heart patients But you and the patient of the eyes, do not treat it yourself, download the Arogya Setu app on your mobile and obey the government, do not be afraid to attack the police or the doctor. Do not be afraid if you are sick, you will have to stay in quarantine for 14 days That is, it is the most different so that it does not spread in the logo of your house or the surrounding people.
                       Our Prime Minister asked me to put on a mask or a skull made two yards away, do not embrace anyone, do not go to a wedding party or any place to hang out with, do or do sex work, your wife can have a good meal. Do it yourself, do pranayam yourself, eat good things, add lemon, orange, soda water, turmeric, eat milk, pineapple, garlic, etc., drink hot water, wash your hands frequently with sanitizer 60% alcohol or soap, come out from outside, go out Before, after eating and sleeping and think and wash hands first and sleep the night well do not eat beedi, liquorice, neem pill, no need of ventilator and ICU in the treatment of Carona, it is better to do medicine at home Will, postmortem study in Italy changed the treatment, now anti-coagulant or blood thinning drug will work, it causes blood vessels to build up, lung cells do not have pneumonia, US nurse said no benefit from ventilator, 90% Man dies on ventilator, as blood clotting and anti-inflammatory drug aspirin work, those who take steroids would survive, do not go to ICU with arthritis beater, three pill aspirin in Mexico Eating a family is fine, the heat is coming up in Karona, do not run air condition, do not go to a Nike shop, party too much, do not reconcile, do not get hugged, organize your work people, the virus may be long, but we mask Put on, wash hands, change social life, live with equal care, wash hands evenly, call less men in marriage, birth, death, stop big events, pandemic will do nothing, cleanliness will have to be done, be careful of ordinary women in the womb by doing Doing nothing does

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