Scott Morrison ‘wants to get Australia opening up’: Kenny

media_playScott Morrison ‘wants to get Australia opening up’: Kenny

Scott Morrison ‘wants to get Australia opening up’: Kenny

Sky News host Chris Kenny says Scott Morrison’s National Press Club speech was “a bit of a stocktake” but clearly the Prime Minister wants Australia to be “opening up” on the path forward out of COVID-19.

On Tuesday Prime Minister Scott Morrison thanked Australians for their sacrifices during the coronavirus lockdown saying their efforts have allowed the country to begin rebuilding.

Mr Morrison told the National Press Club that many developed countries experienced 100 times the deaths Australia did while Australians escaped the “worst-case scenario”.

Mr Kenny said as it stands, Australia is “in a great spot” as “we’ve given ourselves a great chance here, we’ve saved lives, stopped our health system being overwhelmed and we’ve crushed infections”.

“All this means we ought to be re-opening much more quickly and with much more confidence,” Mr Kenny said.

He also said the prime minister “doesn’t want a fight” with the states on border closures but he is becoming increasingly “frustrated with their behavior”.

“Seriously, Tasmania, WA, SA, the Territory and Queensland have got to open their borders, and more importantly they have to open their economies,” Mr Kenny said.

It comes as mixed messages have been delivered by state premiers, with some pushing for sooner relaxation of social distancing regulations and borders bans, and others seeking their extension.

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