‘My daughter’s KFC cake smash was adorable, and then the trolls arrived’

“We already live in a judgemental society… but to shame a mother who’s doing her absolute best to share a fun, creative Facebook shoot in isolation? There’s just no need for negativity.”

Kayla Frizzell is an Aussie mum of two and photographer. She usually specialises in photographing weddings, newborns and families, but it was a perfect storm that inspired her latest photo shoot.

Celebrating her second child’s first birthday in isolation, Kayla came up with a much better way to put her skills to use. The Shepparton-based mum switched out the cake for a bucket of KFC, and the result is an adorable photo shoot to remember.

“I myself am just known to be a huge KFC lover,” Kayla told Kidspot.

“I eat it every month, easily a couple of times a month. Every time there’s a Facebook meme or something, everyone is tagging me. I even considered having KFC at my wedding next year. It’s always just been my thing, it’s my weak spot.”

Kayla shared the images on her Facebook page where it didn’t take long for the trolls to come out.

Mia just turned one. Image: More than words – Photography by Kayla Frizzell

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“No wonder this baby is fat”

Let’s start by pointing out that not everybody is mean. Kayla’s post attracted a lot of positive comments and plenty requesting their own photo shoots, or similar twists on what really is a tired old tradition that needed some updating anyway. But as with many online interactions these days, things turned nasty.

“No wonder this baby is fat,” commented one unnamed troll. “KFC should not be given to one year olds.”

Kayla was angry when she read the first comment, but banning the first person just brought out another troll (or her other profile).

“I was so angry about the fat labelling,” Kayla said. “She’s an innocent one-year-old child. I don’t care about them pointing out KFC’s not healthy… but don’t call her fat because I let her suck on a chicken bone one time.”

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Happy birthday Mia! Image: More than words – Photography by Kayla Frizzell

“They’ve reported me to child services”

Not stopping there, the trolls also added a review to Kayla’s Facebook page throwing shade at her business over her choice to feed her daughter KFC. They then started messaging her friends and who even has the time these days?

“One said they’ve reported me to child services and said she works for DHS,” Kayla said, adding,”after a quick Facebook investigation, I found a comment from her saying she’s on JobKeeper…”

Kayla is confident that Mia enjoys a well-balanced diet in addition to still being breastfed, and doesn’t need to explain herself to strangers on the internet. But what she does want, is for people to think before they comment in a public forum.

Seriously, this is just TOO cute! Image: More than words – Photography by Kayla Frizzell

“There’s just no need for negativity”

Kayla laughed at how she really didn’t want to share the chicken with Mia anyway, but whether she ate fried chicken or an entire mud cake is not the point here.

“Me and my partner were there eating the chicken then giving her the bone,” Kayla said.

“Sure, she had a few chips, but I did feed her beforehand because I didn’t plan on sharing the KFC with her!

“We already live in a judgemental society where we grow up and it’s normally teenagers feeling the pressure to be a size 10 or to fit into this, or be instagram-worthy… but to shame a one-year-old or to shame the mother who’s doing her absolute best to share a fun, creative Facebook shoot in isolation times?

“There’s just no need for negativity.”

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