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LUCKNOW: An online session, ‘Manthan’ that will help students get an answer on how to handle stress and to know all about coping and adapting in times of Covid-19 will be hosted by Avadh Girl’s Degree College on every Sunday. The experts from different fields will be holding sessions related to education in times of pandemic on the official Facebook page of the college.

The first session in this series was conducted by renowned academician and a faculty in the Modern English and European languages department of Lucknow University, Prof Nishi Pandey on Sunday. She spoke about challenges before educational institutions and students in the post-Covid world.

“Online education has become a default mode of education during the lockdown period. It comes with certain challenges like, a networked classroom doesn’t gives a student the freedom to debate, discuss or express dissent on a particular topic. The teacher doesn’t know how many students in her online class are attentive and are understanding the concept.,” said Prof Nishi Pandey. She said also it’s difficult to judge student’s understanding capabilities, language competency and other important academic aspects.

Pandey said to overcome these challenges trained teachers, adequate infrastructure and the role of parents is important. Our teachers need to be trained on how to deliver engaging lectures in an online class, how to design an online curriculum and to unlearn the old ways of teaching, she added.

Pandey said that the infrastructure also needs to be strengthened so that the online mode of education can reach out to students in the remotest area. The role of parents is also equally important for successful online learning. Parents should act like a invigilator during the online class.

Principal of AGDC, Prof Upma Chaturvedi said, “Every Sunday will be special one for both students and faculty where they can learn how to keep academic standards high even in the time of pandemic.”

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