Will build ‘Modi temple’ with PM’s idol, says BJP MLA who launched ‘Modiji ki Aarti’

Uttarakhand BJP MLA Ganesh Joshi, who launched ‘Shri Modiji Ki Aarti’ recently, on Sunday announced that he will soon build a ‘Modi temple’ dedicated to Prime Minister Narendra Modi with his idol in it after the lockdown ends.

Joshi who is a ruling party legislator from Mussoorie constituency had earlier launched ‘Modi aarti’ (prayer dedicated to Modi) at a function organised by him to felicitate Covid-19 warriors on Friday.

Joshi said he launched the aarti penned down by a Modi supporter Dr Renu Pant in presence of state higher education minister Dhan Singh Rawat.

Following the development, he and BJP came under attack from Opposition party Congress which has called it a prime example of ‘sycophancy’. However, Joshi refused to budge and on Sunday announced said that he will soon build a temple dedicated to PM Modi.

“I have immense respect for PM Modi who is not just our nation’s leader but a world leader also. Even US President Donald Trump is in awe of him. I have done nothing wrong in launching his aarti and will soon build a temple with his idol in it after the lockdown,” said Joshi.

Lauding the prime minister, Joshi also said, “He works 18 hours a day which clearly states that he is blessed with some divine power. My initiative to build a temple dedicated to him is just to pay respect to him.”

The MLA claimed that he has kept Narendra Modi’s photograph near the deities at the prayer room at his home,

“At home, I have kept his photograph near other deities in the prayer room. After offering prayers, I pay my respects to him also. I have also kept his photograph in my office since 1999 when he was just a party office-bearer. I have unparalleled devotion towards him,” he said.

On the launching of aarti for Modi, he said, “One of my aides received it on his WhatsApp and showed it to me. I liked it very much and got it printed on small pamphlets to launch it formally. In the future, if I get anything similar, I will do the same again.”

The aarti launched by Joshi talks about how “World is scared of Modi’s power and how his opponents fear to even come close to him.” It also praises him as a leader with whom even “Trump is awestruck.” It also lauds him for “Building Ram Mandir and revoking Article 370 in Kashmir.”

Dubbing the publicising of a prayer devoted to the prime minister as ‘sychphancy’, Suryakant Dhasmana, Congress state vice president said, “It is the height of sycophancy and ‘andh bhakti’ (blind devotion). If it was done by any party worker then we would have no issue regarding it. But it was done at an event attended by a state minister and a ruling party MLA which states that they believe in fascism which is all about worshipping a leader in place of God.”

Dhasmana also attacked BJP and Joshi for ‘hurting Hindu sentiments’ claiming the aarti is ‘nothing but Lord Hanuman’s aarti with his name replaced with Modi’s.’

“They could have penned a totally new one but they decided to just make changes in Hanumanji’s aarti by replacing his name with that of PM Modi’s. First they came out with a slogan of Har Har Modi in disrespect of Lord Shiva and now this. They have clearly hurt sentiments of Sanatan Dharma which is not tolerable at all,” said Dhasmana.

Joshi, however, refuted Congress’ attacks and said, “Who are they to lecture us? We don’t need any certificate from them but from the public.”

The state BJP leadership has however distanced itself from this issue.

Party state spokesperson Ajendra Ajay said, “That aarti is not any official document of the party. It was penned down by a staunch supporter of PM Modi which was just launched by our MLA at an event organised by him in the presence of minister Dhan Singh Rawat.”

Despite several attempts Dhan Singh Rawat could not be contacted for comments.

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