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NEW DELHI: The Telangana government has on Friday decided to conduct the annual examination of 10th standard, known as the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination between June 8 and July 5.

As suggested by the Telangana high court, Education Minister P. Sabita Indra Reddy announced that there will be a two-day gap after each paper.

Telangana SSC examination will be conducted between June 8 and July 5. The exams will be held from 9.30 a.m. to 12.15 pm.

The SSC examinations began on March 19. After two papers, the Telangana High Court asked the government to defer examinations till March 30 due to Covid-19 concerns.

Date Day Timings Subject Code
June 8, 2020 Monday 9:30 am to
12:15 pm
English Paper-I 13E
June 11, 2020 Thursday 9:30 am to
12:15 pm
English Paper-II 14E
June 14, 2020 Sunday 9:30 am to
12:15 pm
Mathematics Paper-I 15E, 15T, 15A,
15K, 15U, 15H
& 15M
June 17, 2020 Wednesday 9:30 am to
12:15 pm
Mathematics Paper-II 16E, 16T, 16A,
16K, 16U, 16H
& 16M
June 20, 2020 Saturday 9:30 am to
12:15 pm
General Science Paper-I 19E, 19T, 19A,
19K, 19U, 19H
& 19M
June 23, 2020 Tuesday 9:30 am to
12:15 pm
General Science Paper-II 20E, 20T, 20A,
20K, 20U, 20H
& 20M
June 26, 2020 Friday 9:30 am to
12:15 pm
Social Studies Paper-I 21E, 21T, 21A,
21K, 21U, 21H
& 21M
June 29, 2020 Monday 9:30 am to
12:15 pm
Social Studies Paper-II 22E, 22T, 22A,
22K, 22U, 22H
& 22M
July 2, 2020 Thursday 9:30 am to
12:45 pm
OSSC Main Language
Paper-I (Sanskrit & Arabic)
23 & 25
July 5, 2020 Sunday 9:30 am to
12:45 pm
OSSC Main Language
Paper-II (Sanskrit & Arabic)
24 & 26
July 5, 2020 Sunday 9:30 am to
11:30 am
SSC Vocational
Course (Theory)
31 & 82

Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao had earlier announced since there was no detention system for classes I-IX in the state, there was no need to conduct examinations and all the students be promoted to the next classes.

As the Summative Assessment (SA-2) examinations during the academic year 2019-20 could not be conducted due to the lockdown, the Commissioner of School Education had requested the government to issue necessary orders.

Important instructions for candidates & Parents

  • Candidates should note that the Objective paper (Part-B) in all the subjects have to be answered in the last half-an-hour only.

  • All the academic course subjects/papers are common for both SSC Academic Course and OSSC Course candidates.

  • The performance of the candidates who answer wrong combination of question papers will be cancelled. Hence the candidates are advised to demand and answer right combination question papers only.

  • The performance of the candidate in the examination will be cancelled, if the candidate appears in the examination centre other than the originally allotted by education department.

  • All the candidates will cover their nose and mouth with mast/cloth.

  • All candidates will follow physical distance norms.

  • Parents will guide their ward about precautions to be taken by them to avoid spread of Covid-19.

  • Parents will ensure that their ward is not sick.

  • All instructions issued while appearing in examination centres will be strictly adhered to by the candidates.

  • Candidates will follow all instructions given in Hall Ticket.

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