Cases cross 44,000 in Maharashtra, Delhi’s death toll breaches 200-mark: Covid-19 state tally 

In another single-day surge, India on Saturday reported 6,654 new Covid-19 cases, taking the national tally to a whopping 125,101. India’s coronavirus death toll stands at 3,721 fatalities while more than 50,000 patients have recovered from the disease across the country. 

A look at state-wise breakup of Covid-19 figures suggest that Maharashtra continues to the lead the state tally with the highest incidence of coronavirus infections – nearly one-third of the national total. Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Delhi are three other states in the country where coronavirus cases are on a rapid rise and have crossed the 10,000-mark. 

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The big 4: States with over 10,000 Covid-19 cases

Covid-19 cases in Maharashtra crossed the 44,000 on Saturday with 44582 patients. The state has recorded 1,517 deaths so far, highest in the country, while over 12,000 patients (12,583) have recovered from Covid-19. Mumbai alone has over 27,000 coronavirus cases. 

Tamil Nadu has the second-highest number of coronavirus cases in the country. The state has reported 14,753 coronavirus cases so far while 7,128 people have recovered and 98 patients have died.

The Covid-19 tally in the state, as per the Ministry of Health, stands at 13,268 – third highest in the country. Gujarat has seen 5,880 people recover from coronavirus while 802 people have died.

In the national capital, the Covid-19 has jumped to 12,319. Two hundred and eight people have died from the infection here while 5,897 have made a recovery.

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States with over 5,000 cases

Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh are the states where the coronavirus cases have breached the 5,000-mark and are rapidly inching towards 10,000. 

Coronavirus cases in Rajasthan touched 6,494 on Saturday. The state has reported 153 fatalities while 3,680 patients have recovered from the infection in the state.

In Madhya Pradesh, as many as 6,170 people been infected from Covid-19 till date. Two hundred and seventy-two people have died from Covid-19 in the state while 3,089 have recovered.

The number of Covid-19 positive cases have jumped to 5,735 in Uttar Pradesh. While 3,238 people have recovered from coronavirus in Uttar Pradesh, 152 have died from the infection here.

States with over 3,000 cases

The number of infected cases in West Bengal reached 3,332 on Saturday. There have been 265 deaths and 1,221 recoveries in the state.

States with over 1,000 cases

States like Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Odisha, Punjab, Bihar have reported over 1,000 but less than 3,000 Covid-19 cases till date. 

In Andhra Pradesh, coronavirus cases are rapidly inching toward the 3,000-mark. The state has witnessed 2,709 positive Covid-19 patients and 1,763 cases of recovery. Fifty-five people have died of coronavirus here.

As many as 1, 761 people have been infected from coronavirus in Telangana till date. Thousand and forty-three people have made a recovery from the virus while 45 people have died from Covid-19.

In Punjab, the coronavirus tally jumped to 2,029 on Saturday. While 39 people have died here, 1,847 patients have recovered. Bihar, on the other hand, has reported 2,177 cases of coronavirus till date. Eleven people have died while 629 patients have recovered. 

Karnataka has recorded 1,743 Covid-19 cases. As many as 597 people have been cured and discharged while forty-one patients have died. The union territory of Jammu and Kashmir has seen the number of Covid-19 patients rise to 1,489. Twenty people have died from the infection while 720 have been were cured.

Odisha has 1,189 Covid-19 positive patients, 436 have recovered while seven people have died. Haryana has reported 1,067 coronavirus cases so far. Sixteen people have died from Covid-19 in Haryana while 706 people have recovered from Covid-19 in the state.

States with under 1,000 cases

Kerala reported 732 coronavirus cases on Saturday. Four people have died due to coronavirus in the state while 512 people have successfully recovered from the disease. In Jharkhand, the coronavirus cases have jumped to 308, three patients have died and 136 have recovered.

The North-Eastern state of Assam has reported 259 Covid-19 cases. Four people have died due to coronavirus here while 54 people have recovered. Over 200 people (218) have contracted the Covid-19 disease here. While 178 have recovered, three have died. 

In Chhattisgarh, 172 people have tested positive for coronavirus. The number of Covid-19 recoveries in the state has risen 62 while no death has been reported. One hundred and twenty-three people have been infected by coronavirus Uttarakhand till date. Fifty-six patients have recovered from the infection, one patient has died.

In Himachal Pradesh, 168 people have contracted Covid-19. Three patients have died and 59 have recovered. Coronavirus cases in Goa have gone up to 54. As many as 16 people have recovered from the deadly contagion here. The Union territory has witnessed 44 cases of coronavirus of which 43 people have recovered. 

All 33 coronavirus cases reported in Andaman and Nicobar Islands have recovered. No deaths have been reported here. Puducherry has reported 26 cases of coronavirus. Ten have recovered, no deaths have been reported.

The North-East state of Meghalaya has reported 14 cases and one Covid-19 death so far, 12 patients have recovered. 

In Manipur, 26 cases of coronavirus have been reported, two patients have recovered while in Tripura, Covid-19 cases have zoomed to 175. Ond hundred and fifty-two patients have recovered from coronavirus here.

States and Union territories with just one positive Covid-19 case include Dadar Nagar Havel, Arunachal Pradesh and Mizoram. All patients in Arunachal Pradesh and Mizoram have recovered. Sikkim has not reported any Covid-19 case yet.

Note: Figures are from official data released by the Ministry of Health, and may differ from realtime numbers released by various state governments subject to confirmation from the Centre.  

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